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    Bought a bbs on e-bay and it is registered to another service provider when I try to set up my e-mail. Says to re-register to the new provider, any help? Thanks

    Verizon bbs running on at&t sim
    02-14-09 01:50 PM
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    Is the phone unlocked already?

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    02-14-09 02:25 PM
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    Sounds like it is locked to Verizon. You may want to try and contact the seller and see if they are willing to get it unlocked for you. Otherwise you may have to look into a unlock service. I wish I had a better answer for you, however it sounds like it is locked.

    If you bought it unlocked, I would definitely contact the seller and try to resolve it. If you bought it locked, they may charge you more to unlock it or you can try to contact Verizon yourself and get it unlocked. There is a thread in Tips, How To's and FAQ's in the link in my sig that may be of use to you.


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