1. scribbling's Avatar
    Hi, I'd be grateful if anyone could help with this problem.

    I'm using a Bold 9000 on O2's blackberry pay and go plan.

    When I set up my email it allowed me to receive them so is obviously working but when I try to send an email I get " no message service configured. You will be redirected to setup your email account"

    Also if I receive an email with an attachment I get "More request cannot be completed. Service book information not found"

    I have tried options>Host routing table>register. I have tried resending service books from email settings and the o2 bis site. I have tried deleting individual email[CMIME] accounts in the service books, battery pull each time.

    I have a feeling it's a corruption to do with the service books or some other problem in my phone and not a generic phone problem. Hopefully someone can say do you have this option, setting etc before I phone O2 help.
    11-13-10 10:54 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    You have done everything an intelligent user can do. You're going to have to call your carrier. It sounds like a provisioning problem on their end.

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    11-13-10 01:21 PM