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    First off, I apologise in advance 'cos this is probably a stupid question.

    I have just got a refurb 8700g and after about 10 hours, I got it working with o2.

    When I use the internet browser, I get the message on some pages :-

    "The server certificate is not trusted by your handheld. Would you like to continue with the connection or view the certificate for more information?"

    It then gives me the option to Continue, Close, View Cert or Don't ask again.

    There is no option to add or trust the certificate and I would like to know if there is a setting I need to change which will allow me to do this as I get this several times per page and selecting "Don't Ask Again" doesn't seem to make any difference.

    Just in relation to the post about Newbie topics, I would like to say that I searched extensively on every keyword I could think of before posting. I take it from the lack of replies that no one is able to help with this.

    I still think this is a great forum though. I look forward to finding new and interesting things I can do with my new toy.

    Thanks in advance of your help.
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    05-26-08 02:36 AM
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    Bump this ttt. Needs an answer (me to).

    05-28-08 07:45 PM
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    OK, maybe this wasn't as easy a question as I thought then

    Could anyone tell me where I can get a more detailed manual than the downloadble .pdf owners manual?

    I need on that goes through each configuration setting and what each option means. Maybe something like an administrator's manual.

    06-03-08 05:15 AM