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    I'm switching over to a used Verizon bold 9650 on Monday. I have a calender question. Several years ago I had the first Pearl that ever came out but never synced the phone one time.

    I'm on a MAC and I see with the MAC desktop it looks like you can put your Ical(calender) on the BB. If I put the Ical on the BB, will there also be a BB calender as well for a total of 2 calenders on the phone or will the Ical over ride the BB calender and only have a total of 1 calender?

    One other question. I don't use outlook. But I do use Gmail. I've been "googling" like a madman for the last couple of days and it looks like I have two options for getting Gmail contacts and calender on phone. Let me know if I have this correct.

    1. I could use Google sync
    2. Instead of Google sync, when setting up Gmail email account, I could go under settings and choose, synchronize contacts and calender.

    If I have this correct is their any advantages/disadvantages of going with either option 1 or option 2?

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    Not sure about your first question but I think your Ical calendar would integrate with native one.
    On the second question, I have the calendar for one of my Gmail accts I use for work set up to wirelessly sync. I have google sync downloaded and I also checked synchronize calendar under options of my Gmail acct. It works great. I can enter an appointment on my work computer and it almost instantly syncs with my BB and visa versa. In order to prevent multiple calendar entries you must uncheck sync calendar under the options in Google Sync.
    02-13-11 07:07 AM