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    I'm a T-Mobile @home hot spot user using UMA for phone calls on our BB 8320's. UMA worked flawlessly on AT&T DSL line, recently switched to Comcast Cable and UMA works like crap. Will only stay on UMA for a matter of minutes and then switches over to the T-Mobile network. Same router exact same location, only difference is going out over Comcast vs AT&T. What gives? Anyone else have this issue? As I was typing this my BB is sitting 4 feet from my router. I rebooted it, it connected to UMA, did a test call, worked fine and in the time it took me to compose this message it switched over to the T-Mobile network, the entire time the phone is 4 feet from my router! Also, what's even more troubling is I get 1 bar signal strength on the T-Mobile network in my house so it's not switching over because the T-Mobile signal is stronger than the Wi-Fi signal. Any help is GREATLY aprreciated - STS

    EDIT: I'm using a Linksys WRT54G router and some POS Cable Modem from Comcast called "UBEE"
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    My Comcast internet has worked fine for VoIP calls with Vonage, PhonePower, and UMA calls. Then again my neighborhood is only 10 years old.

    Test your internet connection to see if your cable internet is stable. Go to Pingtest.net - The Global Broadband Quality Test to check for packet loss, then go to Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test to check throughput. If you're dropping a lot of packets or getting poor throughput, call Comcast and ask for high speed internet support, and tell them your tale of woe. They can do remote diagnostics with your modem to check signal strength (of the cable signal) and packet loss, and maybe send a technician to fix problems in the line to your house. If you're leasing the modem, be sure to tell them what model you have - you might be able to talk them into replacing it. If you own the modem outright, go get yourself a Moto SURFboard. I had a SB5100 that worked great, but I eBay'd it when I got a screaming new SB6120.
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