1. Berrychick16's Avatar
    Scratched it on the front in the corners. It's a silver Curve - didn't scratch the screen or anything else, but took some nice digs out of the corners.

    My question is, can I buy these replacement parts?

    I have seen the gel covers, but that's not what I want - OK, I might need to invest in one AFTER I get the skin replaced, but for now those scratches are driving me nuts!

    I have looked at the Accessories shop here, but it seems like there are only the hard cases that go over top of them or the gel cases.

    Anyone know where I can get this part?

    02-20-08 03:06 PM
  2. daddybear's Avatar
    try this:

    Cellular Accessories - Mobiado, SonyEricsson, Dopod/O2, NEC, Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Apple, Acer,

    and you should feel shame for your negligence... just kidding

    02-20-08 03:12 PM
  3. Hazysky's Avatar
    Try cnn.cn, I have heard it referred to several times for parts but have not been there myself.
    02-20-08 03:13 PM
  4. Boo-Rad's Avatar
    Sounds like you need the full metal case
    02-20-08 03:34 PM
  5. dlnmorrow's Avatar
    OH my stars!
    I dont think thats what we mean by 'abuser'

    Yes investing in a skin or the Otterbox sounds like a good idea right about now eh?
    02-20-08 03:46 PM
  6. blemoon42's Avatar
    ouch i know how you feel the scratches would bug me too
    02-20-08 04:15 PM
  7. madphotogrl's Avatar
    fumble! Duh! (homer style)
    02-20-08 04:25 PM