1. gmelott's Avatar
    How do I download Outlook addresses saved to excel spreadsheet to my MAC so I can sync to 8310 w pocketmac? completey lost all data before when 7290 completely corrupted and all data I have is from 10.07 nothing since and have now switched from PC to Mac - can't deal with the trauma again and won't sit for hours reloading. Thanks
    04-08-08 10:41 AM
  2. jsanders's Avatar
    PocketMac should import from the excel spreadsheet... if not, it will an ASCII text file. If needed, then save the excel data as an ascii file.
    04-08-08 11:04 AM
  3. adambigge's Avatar
    Can you get access to a pc to convert the spreadsheet to a csv file? That should let your Mac import into address book.

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    04-08-08 07:17 PM