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    Wow there are, or seem to be, a lot of worried BB owners here. I just switched from Android (after 18 months) to a 9790 which I happen to think is the best smartphone I've owned. It's fast, stable, simple and does the job.

    I think BB is still the great company it always has been. BB has a great product, what has changed? There will always be glitches, after all this is software we are talking about; be it a service down or a buggy release. People get so wound up about the slightest delay these days, time to take a step back. Then there is the market share that is down, that seems to be the biggest issue. IMHO: who cares. I personaly think patents and stocks should die a quick death. Then people/companies could innovate instead for making lawyers and 'traders' richer. Time to drop the egos (Apple, and all) and create a new business sense.
    03-30-12 01:55 AM
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    I can understand that and there are problems and makes no sense.

    I wish those things can disappear.

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    03-30-12 01:58 AM
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    They are going through a major transition right now and people are just far too impatient. People need to just chill out.
    03-30-12 01:59 AM
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    That BlackBerry Blade concept was the first thing that got me super amped for BB10. Until then, like the OP, I've pretty damn happy with my 9900.
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    03-30-12 02:15 AM
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    Agreed .. the BB9900 is awesome .. and yes .. I can't wait for the GAME CHANGING BB10!! .... will have both!
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    03-30-12 03:02 AM
  6. Snafufubar's Avatar
    Wait til the market opens today - stock plummet incoming. Seriously.
    03-30-12 06:27 AM
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    Who cares about what the investors think. Heck I'M still in love with my 9810 no complaints here and will patiently wait for BB10 phones.
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    03-30-12 07:39 AM
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    Doom and gloom is seriously silly right now

    Let RIM launch BB10 phones and further improve the playbook
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    03-30-12 07:45 AM
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    03-30-12 07:54 AM
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    Oh yeah. The business aspect makes me mad. The part about stocks drive me crazy. If stocks die, the company whether we like it or not.

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    03-30-12 07:58 AM
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    Heck, if I were to go with what everyone was thinking, I would be neurotic as a politician begging for donations. I don't react to what the latest fad is in cellphone technology. I go by what works for me and there are only 2 that fits the bill. 1 is BlackBerry, and 2 is Windows Phone 7. Tried Android and Apple isn't even considered in my world.
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    03-30-12 08:29 AM
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    The big issue is that RIM can't compete, it will eventually die. In the US, it simply isn't competing with iOS and Android. They are losing customers here. How long is it until this starts happening in their other markets? Canadians are buying more iPhones and Blackberry devices now too. Is UK next? Then who's next? People who like Blackberry don't want to see that happen, and are tired of watching the horror show that is RIM's business decisions. That's why people are down and upset with RIM.
    03-30-12 08:44 AM
  13. christenmartin's Avatar
    I don't understand the shock. Everyone has been saying how bad RIM is doing, and then slow growth is reported and "oh my god"! The new CEO is doing exactly what he is supposed to do. RIM has a great product and that is the main obstacle. They have got to start marketing. 90% of people don't even know they have a touch screen phone and that is ridiculous and all they're fault. I would love to have a BB7 phone but I have a BB6 that works great so I have a hard time justifying 4-6 hundred dollars on a new phone no contract. That is the type of consumer that RIM attracts, not the "wait in line for 38 hours for the same phone you have with a shinny.
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    03-30-12 09:09 AM
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    Just slight update, early morning trading saw RIM stock increase a bit. The part about focusing on the business side of things(which really means shoring up the base that made them) seems to have been viewed positively.

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    03-30-12 10:38 AM
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    Some people have been saying that the BB10 is going to be a game changer, and I hope that it will be. As for now, I don't have much faith on RIM left and I am starting to worry for this company.
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    03-30-12 10:47 AM
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    I hear ya. I don't think RIM is going anywhere. Doom & Gloom stories flood the media because they take every issue RIM has and turns it into, "FAREWELL RIM!" stories. when the last outage happened, it was all over the news. I think the problem is that people are so addicted to their BBs that a few minutes, hours, days is unacceptable. We need our BB fix, now! It just turns into chaos.
    03-30-12 01:51 PM
  17. christenmartin's Avatar
    Personally I don't think they need a new super duper game changing product. There products are great just shore up, simplify and focus. Oh and ADVERTISE. I think they are in a great position to really grow and improve. I am some what new to blackberry products so I am really looking forward to what they will do judging by what I have seen ( my torch and Playbook ).
    03-31-12 09:23 PM
  18. up488's Avatar
    I pay no attention to the doom and gloom. As long as I have my BB all is well!
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    03-31-12 11:17 PM
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    I am one of those that believe that as RIM is the original leader of the smartphone revolution in technology, other companies whom shall remain nameless push negativity about RIM thru all channels and as such hire companies to help further that agenda. Make the originals look bad so we can be what RIM always was. Go ahead and cite sales figures for a quarter. You might say "sales can be bought." F 'em. The originals never die
    04-01-12 02:36 AM