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    If I send an email that has been composed on my BB (from my @blackberry.net) account for which I have added a BCC address (eg. bill@hotmall.com) then I do not see at all this address when the email appears on line at my auto BCC location (in this case my gmail account)....all I see is the address in the TO: line .
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    Isn't that the point of a BCC (blind copy)?
    11-07-10 07:04 PM
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    I guess I am not explaining it very well.

    Forget the BB for a sec. In any email I send from my gmail account which has an address in the TO and another address in the BCC I will be able to see the BCC address on this email in the SENT folder/label in gmail. This happens because *I* sent it.

    Now fast forward to the BB situation. I would have thought again I would be able to see the BCC address in the sent @blackberry.net email that appears as an AUTO BCC sent to my gmail account....because again it was *I* that sent it. But as far as I can see I am only able to see the BCC address on the email in my BB but not on the identical copy that was sent to my online gmail account .
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    That is the way Blind Carbon Copy (bcc) works. If you want to see the address just use Carbon Copy (cc).
    11-07-10 08:36 PM
  5. T
    I think the op is refering to a BB/Gmail synchronization matter.
    11-07-10 09:21 PM
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    Not a sych issue. It sounds like he setup hie blackberry.net email account to automatically BCC his gmail account. The BCC is not shown on the email in his sent folder. I think this is because an auto BCC is handled by the server and is not the same as adding a BCC directly in the email.
    11-07-10 09:25 PM
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    Yes pb...I think . In BIS I did set up my blackberry.net email to AUTO BCC to a gmail address (as well to AUTO forward to the same gmail address)...isnt that what others do? Otherwise how do you keep permanent copies of emails which have come to or originate from your blackberry.net account?

    So I thought that the AUTO BCC email which does appear in my gmail account would be identical to that which was sent with my @Blackberry.net address...and it is identical except I cant tell who I BCC'd as I could in that original blackberry email. This limits a bit the usefulness of the AUTO BCC in preserving email info.
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    Thats why I don't use my blackberry.net email address except for automated notices that come from my web server. I have 5 other email addresses that I use where the emails are all stored on other systems.
    11-07-10 09:41 PM