1. shmengie's Avatar
    hi there.

    i'm definitely upgrading from my 8100 to an 8120 (tmo). think i'm going to wait for my contract to expire, though, so i can get a better deal on the upgrade. in the meantime...

    does anyone know if the 8120's wifi will work with a radius server? specifically, it would need to comply with wpa2-aes, peap and mschap v2.

    06-16-08 09:11 AM
  2. bmcclure937's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry!! I am sure you will love it here and quickly become addicted!!

    As for your question:

    All BlackBerry devices support the most current WiFi security standards (such as the ones you mentioned above).

    As for the Pearl 8120... why not get a Curve?!?! Same price from TMo... bigger screen and QWERTY keypad!!

    Waaaaay better IMO

    Happy Crackin'
    06-16-08 09:23 AM
  3. shmengie's Avatar
    thx for the welcome, bm. and thx for the info, that's good news!

    as for the curve...why not get a pearl? fits in pocket better and suretype rocks!

    waaaaay better imo

    actually, there's been a bit of poo-poo'ing over the kickstart, but i like what i've seen. there's nothing wrong with a clamshell if it's good, right?

    (btw, i'm an advanced user and poster. i've been hanging out at another forum. but, i'm getting really tired of how humorless and grandmotherly they are. thought i'd see how it is over here).

    thx again!
    06-16-08 09:42 AM
  4. bmcclure937's Avatar
    Niiice. Umm... as for the size of the device, the Curve really is not much bigger that it makes any difference.

    I am actually amazed at how thin and compact my Curve feels And the QWERTY is great. Believe me, I had a 7100 with SureType and I loved the thing to death, but the QWERTY is really nice.

    The larger screen size is also an advantage. But whatever floats your boat haha... that is the amazing thing about Berrys, there is always one to suit your needs.

    Welcome to the community and looking forward to hearing your input

    As for the KickStart, meh... a clamshell flip phone is a flip phone... once again, it is about what you personally want in your phone. So it is nice to see RIM broaden their horizon I guess
    06-16-08 10:51 AM