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  • Mostly from the BB

    8 10.13%
  • Mostly from the computer

    47 59.49%
  • Even split between the two

    24 30.38%
05-24-09 08:39 AM
62 123
  1. 07thking's Avatar
    I'd say very close, but PC more since I've been home lately.
    05-22-09 07:31 AM
  2. maxiang's Avatar
    You'll see that-VVVV-under my posts most of the time

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    05-22-09 07:55 AM
  3. safetytx's Avatar
    95% from my "pipe". I needs my crack hourly.

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    05-22-09 08:27 AM
  4. ArT33_7's Avatar
    Both. But I'm mostly on CB with my computer. I Only go on my BB when I'm either not home or just lazy to go on the computer.
    05-22-09 09:08 AM
  5. alleycat0124's Avatar
    Almost always from one computer or another.
    I occasionally browse from my BB, but almost never post from it.
    05-22-09 09:35 AM
  6. Bogie09's Avatar
    Only time I use crackberry from my computer is when my blackberry is recharging!!

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    05-22-09 11:41 AM
  7. Rob Tuli's Avatar
    Hard to say but probably more from my PC.
    05-22-09 01:10 PM
  8. plhewitt's Avatar
    From my BB definatley.

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    05-22-09 02:04 PM
  9. benzworm's Avatar
    i like my siggy so i usually sign on from my computer
    05-22-09 02:21 PM
  10. josh05's Avatar
    I use my Bb all the time to visit crackberry because it's always by my side.

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    05-22-09 02:33 PM
  11. krep21's Avatar
    Mostly from my BB, not home as much as i would like to be
    05-22-09 04:59 PM
  12. BergerKing's Avatar
    99% of my CrackBerry time is mobile, using my WAP launcher for speed, Bolt for clarity and speed on the main site.

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    05-22-09 05:31 PM
  13. hellzno's Avatar
    90% from my PC? Its just way easier to read multiple threads at once!
    05-22-09 06:16 PM
  14. noaim's Avatar
    I think once I get the tour I will probably visit more often on the mobile then I do now...

    But I still think that I will use the comp most
    05-22-09 08:00 PM
  15. cabinetman's Avatar
    What is a computer??????

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    05-22-09 08:02 PM
  16. sanchez1980us's Avatar
    i go on threw both
    05-22-09 08:02 PM
  17. gdasilva16's Avatar
    even split for me... i'm always logged on surfing through the forums...
    05-22-09 10:02 PM
  18. dabusdriver's Avatar
    On the puter shhhhhh but i have the bb charging from the puter just a few feet away. I love the bb to check CB but I love to type on the puter its faster for me I still have not gotten bb thumbs yet
    05-22-09 10:52 PM
  19. lilro's Avatar
    So far I've been browsing cb from my bb more.

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    05-23-09 12:42 AM
  20. carter17's Avatar
    Way more on my bb... I just can't keep my hands off of it

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    05-23-09 12:59 AM
  21. bedlam454's Avatar
    PC when I want to browse multiple forums quickly.
    BB from work when I want to catch up on the news from CB...
    05-23-09 01:12 AM
  22. hyothesian's Avatar
    I don't have time to check in during the work day, so it is usually at home in the evening, or as in this case early morning. Since I am home near the laptop, why not take advantage of its 17" screen and full keyboard?
    05-23-09 05:51 AM
  23. cdf3's Avatar
    I used to check it from my PC often when I first got my BlackBerry. Now I check it more from my BlackBerry more than my PC.

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    05-23-09 06:43 AM
  24. todbanner's Avatar
    BB. 90+% of the time.

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    + 1. I rarely turn on my PC @ home anymore to surf the web. Why bother when my 8900 is ready and waiting to take me where I need to go?

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    05-23-09 12:16 PM
  25. PattyPuke's Avatar
    BB...even though i'm on the computer right now
    05-23-09 12:19 PM
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