06-04-08 08:56 PM
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  1. patrick.waugh's Avatar
    Have you, like me, assigned a notifier, ringer, or alarm to virtually everything, and custom ringtones to various people? If we went on a new game show called, "Name that event!", would you be able to tell what happened given every noise your Berry makes? How long did it take you to learn your Berries cries?

    I had to laugh becasue a couple of weeks ago, some woman was on Larry King Live, and during the middle of one of her responses, she suddenly just said, "Oh, that's my Berry. Sounds like a lost child... I want to go see what's wrong". Guess they wouldn't let her have it on the set!
    06-04-08 02:40 PM
  2. BB7290grl74's Avatar
    That is funny! I can be in one room, my berry in the other and know who's calling or if I'm getting a message. I guess I pay too much attention to her.
    06-04-08 03:11 PM
  3. chaz_cb's Avatar
    That is funny! I can be in one room, my berry in the other and know who's calling or if I'm getting a message. I guess I pay too much attention to her.
    Your Berry is in the other room?!? LOL

    Yes, I know all the tones my BB makes. It took a while, but absolutely.
    06-04-08 03:13 PM
  4. MelanieC's Avatar
    My new BB Curve only makes one sound right now - I've got to figure out how to have it make different sounds........figuring out what is wrong is a LONG way off for me, lol!
    06-04-08 03:24 PM
  5. SOUJAH345's Avatar
    i kept it simple 2 ringtones and 1 alert for any kind of messages. when i check my phone there's always a nice surprise
    06-04-08 03:26 PM
  6. km2783's Avatar
    I know all sounds. And if I could set it to use different alerts for different people on IMs or emails I would hehe.
    06-04-08 03:33 PM
  7. jenaywins's Avatar
    Of course I know all my sounds!!!

    I have different ringtones for my boyfriend, my ex that I don't like, my ex that I DO like, my best friends, my roommate, my parents, my siblings, work, different messages.... errr. Wow. I think I need professional help.
    06-04-08 03:39 PM
  8. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    I've only assigned special tone for my wife, everyone and everything else except BBM is one of the BB_Pro (I think) tones.

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    06-04-08 04:12 PM
  9. tylermckenzie's Avatar
    different tones for sms/mms, bb messenger, Jive Talk, email (Carolina.rr.com), email (gmail), email (blackberry.net)
    and the same ringtone for all my contacts! I know im boring! haha!
    06-04-08 04:17 PM
  10. flchick75's Avatar
    I got mine not long ago and I set up a few profiles and I trrrrrrrrrry to keep them similiar or I would neeeeeeverrrrrrrrr remember all the sounds but it's fun to customize. If I cuztomize the ringtones/alerts then i remember them. They make sense to me...would they make sense to anyone else...that is the question!! LOL

    Also the ringtones I assign as songs that remind me of the people. Like for my best friend i gave her one that is her favorite song these past few months, etc My sister gets some hoochie mamma song lol kidding!
    06-04-08 04:19 PM
  11. chaz_cb's Avatar
    would they make sense to anyone else...that is the question!! LOL

    They don't HAVE to make sense to anyone else...
    06-04-08 04:20 PM
  12. Erikgreenlee's Avatar
    Every event has it's own tone that I recognize as well as every important person that calls has their own ringer. But yesterday I mistook jivetalk for BB messenger. I'm slipping

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    06-04-08 04:21 PM
  13. brothamoveson's Avatar
    Strictly vibrate here I get tired of change profiles all day at work for different environments. So only 2 vibrations message more than that call.
    06-04-08 04:22 PM
  14. jimmers's Avatar
    I've got different notifications set for each type of message/alert and also have different ringtones for different people. And I do know each of them by sound. However I think I'm bored with them so I think I'll change them to keep things a bit exciting
    06-04-08 04:24 PM
  15. antiandy's Avatar
    Of course I recognize them...I made them all myself and then assigned them to specific contacts/events.
    That would be why.

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    06-04-08 04:26 PM
  16. ash_02pink's Avatar
    Wow! I thought I was a bit obsessive with all of my ringtones and alerts but I see I am one of many! I have a tone for my BA another for his SMS ,my bff, my mom, my SIS, ex boyfriends and on and on! I keep switching them up and today I actually changed like 80% of them. So sometimes I have to listen for a second before I recognize the caller but its all a part of the exciting life of a berry owner! I wouldn't have it any other way!
    06-04-08 04:41 PM
  17. avt123's Avatar
    I know every sound my bb makes. I guess I'm just emotionally attached.
    06-04-08 04:59 PM
  18. tmember's Avatar

    If anyone here ACTUALLY knows how to get a ringtone from PhoneZoo, let me know, please. I went there from my phone, chose a tone, then it wanted me to type the link. Yea, right. Too bad they don't do it like Crackberry (OTA).

    06-04-08 05:04 PM
  19. BBman_south's Avatar
    the real ? is how could you not know every single ring burp belch or hick up that your baby oops i mean berry makes.

    maybe i need to go to rehab.
    06-04-08 07:04 PM
  20. the.question's Avatar
    I have special sounds set up for every event and every person on my berry and I definitely recognize every one of them as soon they start. The addiction is deepening.
    06-04-08 07:16 PM
  21. rollman06's Avatar
    i have couple custom ringtones for friends and alarms on my curve, but not for everything yet. i just got it...still programming

    on other my phone i had a ringtone for all of my friends and events haha it would be funny when it would ring and i would know who it was without even taking my phone out of my pocket. people thought it was funny/freaky
    06-04-08 07:45 PM
  22. LMJ_8130's Avatar
    Haha! Yep I recognize every little beep! It makes a huge difference between running to your phone to answer it or just letting it ring/play(unimportant) and dancing to the tone!

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    06-04-08 07:54 PM
  23. rollman06's Avatar
    i dance to all my tones!
    06-04-08 08:10 PM
  24. aomori_eyes's Avatar
    Everyone in my BB has their own tune so I know exactly who is calling. Today I just reset my alert tone on the calender and assigned the Tokyo Drift tune as the reminder tone. Yeah it's loud but the tune is kinda catchy.

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    06-04-08 08:16 PM
  25. michele454rocket's Avatar
    I have "Get Over Yourself" by Shedaisy set as a ringtone for my Ex....I know when "NOT" to answer the phone! hehe
    06-04-08 08:26 PM
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