02-19-10 07:37 PM
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  1. ladiciuus's Avatar
    I sure as **** don't want a berry w/o a data plan. Now with the data plan I can text all I want thanks to google voice. **** it beats a texting plan.

    And I had students that had bb with no data plans. Wanted to fail them right awayyyyyyyy.
    I can text all i want using Google Voice without a data plan - it's called voice.google.com on my opera 4.2 over Wifi
    10-15-09 05:44 PM
  2. afropoika's Avatar
    I personally have a BlackBerry Curve 8900 without a data plan. Before that I had the 8110 Pearl and even before that an 8700c. All without data plan. Now, you might be asking why the **** am I still using BlackBerry and even upgrade to more expensive hardware, when I can't utilize the software to the maximum? I don't know. I've never experienced "true" BlackBerry. What I like are the phones themselves. Excellent build quality, best PDA functionality IMO and just a warm feeling owning a BlackBerry. In short I don't even have the possibility to "upgrade" to true BlackBerry, my country has no carrier with support for these lovely devices.

    Having that said no matter how much harder it is to use a BlackBerry without a data plan, IMO it is still worth it. I remember when I had the 8700c, I used to download the device and MDS simulator software, download OTA apps on my PC via the simulator and using CrackUtil to save the CODs from the simulated device. Just imagine how much time consuming that process was.

    With the 8110 Pearl I used the USB cable to transfer OTA apps directly to my SD card (JAD + CODs) and using the Media application on the Pearl itself to install apps "OTA". Now with my 8900 thanks to WiFi connectivity the installation of OTA apps is so much easier; just hit up the Browser and it works like a real BlackBerry OTA download.

    WiFi really makes life much more easier, but it amazes me how on the technical side of things WiFi support is only a single string to be added in the application, yet so many developers (hear this, Google?) just don't incorporate it into their applications. Technically everything could work over WiFi, but RIM has made WiFi support as an optional layer thus making BlackBerry users rely on the developers to utilize WiFi.

    Recently I tried Aerize WiFiX, it sounded like a step towards "true" BlackBerry funtionality. I couldn't get Google Maps v3.2 to work with it though, and honestly speaking I wasn't expecting much from Aerize since their SD card loader software is cheap (as in quality and functionality) too.

    I can live with Funambol and MGMaps, but if Google enabled WiFi for their BlackBerry software that would make my BlackBerry simply perfect. On the iPhone the software does not have control over what connection it can utilize data, the OS itself will just use the best connection available so if there's a fast WiFi connection it will use WiFi even if there's a 3G connection available.
    10-23-09 02:19 PM
  3. youra6's Avatar
    my biggest beef with data plan is that that there is a 2 kinds/ texting and data usage, both costing around 20 to 30 bucks a month.

    I currently have ATNT and I own a 8900. I pay around 60 dollars a month for just phone service, an extra 20 bucks for unlimited txt and and extra 30 for data.

    Thats over 600 dollars a year just to own a smartphone.

    Kind of ridiculous now that I actually sit down and figure out the costs lol
    10-23-09 03:06 PM
  4. afropoika's Avatar
    Which is one reason more to go WiFi. I mean, I pay for my ISP to get access to the internet and the monthly cost isn't that cheap (24Mbps ADSL). Why should I pay for a separate plan for my BlackBerry? I already have a WLAN router in use anyway so from an economical point of view paying for a data plan for my BlackBerry is simply put unnecessary money.

    In your case if you wouldn't pay for data that's 360 dollars savings a year. You do know that you actually pay more than 1300 dollars a year?
    10-23-09 03:16 PM
  5. TheSultan's Avatar
    I feel similarly to a lot of people here, I couldn't have a Blackberry without a data plan, and quite frankly, I don't see the point. However, I realize there are a lot of people who want one without a data plan. IMO, that's kind of like putting a Ferrari window sticker on a Saturn
    10-23-09 03:18 PM
  6. afropoika's Avatar
    Cost is the biggest problem here and the price many carriers ask for (BlackBerry) data plans are ridiculous
    10-23-09 03:30 PM
  7. sonni_kuba's Avatar
    IMO, that's kind of like putting a Ferrari window sticker on a Saturn
    IMO, it's kind of like saving $25 every month
    10-24-09 06:47 PM
  8. tenoclock's Avatar
    A request for a full functional blackberry operating under WIFI is completely legit IMO.

    When traveling oversea you only have two options when it comes to Blackberry data, international roaming and pray that the country where you are traveling to has BIS data plan (and doesn't lock you into a contract). Roaming might work if you are only there for 4, 5 days...but for more than a week you are looking at pretty hefty bills. It may not be as convenient as having mobile data, but when you do find a Wifi spot (hotel, office, etc) most of the time they are free or for a low fee. But of course, as previously stated in this post, without a proper BIS plan you can't use much of BB's function.
    10-25-09 01:15 AM
  9. thej's Avatar
    Many get BB because they want to be connected always.. but some get for its style and substance.. and few get without understand what BB is all about..

    BB without a Data plan is a lame one.. but still.. it costs too high.. around $20 for unlimited in India.. quite pricey when the call rate wars are going on here ..
    12-23-09 12:43 PM
  10. the.ak.hermit's Avatar
    I frequently travel to villages where there is no data, no phone (satellite only), and it does not matter whether you have a Blackberry or an Iphone, you will not be calling anybody, texting anybody, or surfing the net. The only thing that works is GPS with offline maps.

    It is those times that I fully appreciate data plans, and when I get back within range of cell towers, and my email notification goes nuts, I feel good. I do wish the Blackberry was fully WIFI enabled, but even that would not be enough. A satellite hotspot sure would be nice though!

    I believe that a data plan is needed for full use, but the alternative methods people use are okay too.
    12-24-09 11:30 AM
  11. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    Can you get an iPhone without a data package? I thought that was part of the contract? It seems odd that you would fight to make the BB work without data and then jump to a device that requires it...
    12-24-09 03:21 PM
  12. ronnyromero's Avatar
    posted on many threads before:

    just take one of these options

    1. get data plan (BIS) until you get the service books and drop the service
    2. try to have the provider to set data plan (BIS) for a moment (some carriers would do it, some wont...it depends mostly on your charm)
    3. and this is what i have been trying to pull for everyone: get someone with a dataplan, do an advanced backup from the device manager and just select 'service books', then restore that to your phone.
    12-26-09 04:35 AM
  13. brightlime's Avatar
    for a couple years i survived with just umi on t mobile, all i had to do was cancel my internet after a couple weeks of getting the phone and some internet access along with all email capability would remain... this past august, t mobile got wise to this i suppose and is not allowing that to happen, also a data plan is required for all new bb's signed on to the network... i love my ipod touch and my bb as my phone, keeping them separate is best.. iphone is not for me- slingbox works on both! (ipod only on wifi)
    12-26-09 06:01 AM
  14. extrimityfist's Avatar

    is it possible to make my Yahoo Messenger and BB Messenger work on WLAN without BIS/BES activation on my service provider? appreciate if someone would share a walk through about this.. thanks!
    01-04-10 09:53 AM
  15. pureluck's Avatar
    I have the 8120 pearl without the data plan. I need a Tmobile phone that supports the HotSpot @home and they are hard to find now. I do not get a signal in my house so a WiFi phone is needed. My Samsung Katalyst had it but it was upgrade time and this BB 8120 was my only option. The price was right (FREE) and it does not require the data plan. My big issue is it does a crap job of staying connected to my network. I have the Browser set to HotSpot Browser, connection preference set to WiFi preferred. I have the phone upgraded to 4.5. If anyone has any help please let me know.
    02-14-10 08:00 PM
  16. Nageki's Avatar
    Why are people being judged for trying to be economical and having a nice phone? If we don't want to pay extra for data we should have a RAZR? I have a data-less Blackberry because I like the looks, the keyboard, and the fact that it can accept a larger SD card so it serves as my MP3 player. I was paying over $90/month for my iPhone on AT&T when I realized how much money is being blown on something not needed. A data plan is great if you are a business person who needs their push e-mail 24/7, however in my case I find that I was paying an extra $30/month to check my Facebook on the go and get coupons from various places that I shop via e-mail. Wifi is becoming more and more common and most the time I was out and using my data there was also a Wifi connection available (college, work, ect.). Point is I switched over to T-Mobile, got a brand new 8220 off Craigslist for $100, and I am paying $40/month and I can still do everything I was doing before with data on Wifi.
    02-19-10 10:03 AM
  17. Zuben El Genubi#CB's Avatar
    No data -
    Reason? Sony quit making Clies. Miss my PDA and don't want Palm Tungsten. Don't like the Iphone either. I don't care for touch screens and can write the old Palm Graffiti faster.
    Usually also have a computer available as no phone has a full version of Photoshop.
    Do get to places where TMobile isn't but wifi is.
    02-19-10 07:37 PM
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