03-26-08 07:14 PM
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  1. BB7290grl74's Avatar
    Lol, yeah, alot. Probably more than I should.
    03-22-08 06:29 PM
  2. Riley2521's Avatar
    I just bought a new ride, so I'm only crackin out at redlights now!! Don't wanna hurt my new baby!!
    03-22-08 06:41 PM
  3. otacon's Avatar
    I BBM while driving sometimes. I am kinda familiar with the keyboard layout, and can manage to type (slowly though...) While driving.

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    03-22-08 10:04 PM
  4. jakeslife's Avatar
    I work nights and juggle several things while driving, including my BB.
    03-23-08 05:45 AM
  5. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    I used to hate red lights...but now i pass the time on my Berry!
    03-23-08 08:59 AM
  6. visi0n's Avatar
    Lol its funny how red lights have become POSITIVE for bb users

    Now I find myself upset if I get 5 green lights in a row... A few tears ago I wouldve thought I was the luckiest person in the world if that happened

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    03-23-08 09:24 AM
  7. drg1138's Avatar
    Alas I too use my Berry when I am:

    Stuck in traffic
    At a red light
    in slow triffic (under 10 MPH)
    and once in a while I have managed to reply to and e-mail at high speed.

    (Come and get me traffic enforcement.)

    03-23-08 09:35 AM
  8. Labman's Avatar
    Guilty highway BB user. Gee, and I always thought the blinking red light meant I had a message...LOL. Now, I will have to start texting while waiting in traffic!
    03-23-08 09:59 AM
  9. clifford938's Avatar
    me too, when haven't I is more like it
    03-23-08 10:23 AM
  10. straycat's Avatar
    You buncha addicts!! Get some help! lol
    03-23-08 10:34 AM
  11. straycat's Avatar
    Hi, my name is anonymous....and I'm a BB (curve) addict too.....
    03-23-08 10:42 AM
  12. jakeslife's Avatar

    Checking CB?
    03-25-08 02:48 AM
  13. Riley2521's Avatar
    Hey, that's what I just bought. A Scion TC....I love it!
    03-25-08 09:53 AM
  14. tattooedstoner13662's Avatar
    Guilty as charged Mr Officer. Yes i txt whilst driving....**** i even play BrickBreaker while im driving. Calls only with my bluetooth.....and i jam out on tunes while driving as well LMAO....whatever
    03-25-08 07:14 PM
  15. jakeslife's Avatar
    Hey, that's what I just bought. A Scion TC....I love it!
    You know, I go from driving a fast car with lights and sirens, and I still love getting into my tC.
    03-25-08 11:03 PM
  16. Xopher's Avatar
    I've used BT headsets for a few years now. Before then, I used the wired headsets. I never felt comfortable answering phone calls while driving and not using a headset of some sort.

    My motorcycle even has an intercom system built in where I can listen to Sirius radio, MP3 player, and connect my phone in as well, so I don't even have to take my helmet off to answer calls. I had a mount on my handlebars for my old RAZR. I need to swap it out for my BB to ride along. The nice thing is the intercom system has bluetooth.

    As far as texting, browsing and such, I haven't done it. First, I don't get many text messages (My BB Messenger list is almost empty), and I have my BB in a window-mounted cradle, which helps when using GPS but makes it difficult to type.
    03-26-08 07:53 AM
  17. John Yester's Avatar
    I must admit I do it all the time.....
    03-26-08 07:58 AM
  18. Brute's Avatar
    STOP DOING THAT! They're passing a new law starting april where if you're using your cell phone while operating a moving vehicle you'll get a ticket.....I don't know if this applies to all states but, just be careful cause its happening here in CALI!....
    03-26-08 09:20 AM
  19. cheflionfoot's Avatar
    I only use a bluetooth speaker phone and voice dialing while driving. Never text or email. Not worth my life or someone else's.
    03-26-08 10:45 AM
  20. Chaser1337's Avatar
    i'm guility as well!
    03-26-08 11:29 AM
  21. tattooedstoner13662's Avatar
    Sheesh....all you "goody goodies" are makin me feel kinda guilty about it...maybe i should stop......
    03-26-08 06:12 PM
  22. renegade37918's Avatar
    i drive all day and night so i have to use EVA while driving
    03-26-08 07:00 PM
  23. tattooedstoner13662's Avatar
    i drive all day and night so i have to use EVA while driving
    Whats EVA????LOL
    03-26-08 07:14 PM
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