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    I honestly believe that since BlackBerry wants to concentrate on the business sides of things, Amazon will be having the blackberry 10 os in their Fire phone in the future and a merger with Amazon is not out of reality, what you guys think ? I mean Amazon isn't using the full Android apps catalog, their version of Android is heavily customized so what prevents them of just changing os ?

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    06-22-14 05:21 PM
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    06-22-14 05:30 PM
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    Not for another 10 years. I don't think that either of the two want to abandon their own OS for the others.

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    06-22-14 05:34 PM
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    06-22-14 05:36 PM
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    Don't forget that Amazon doesn't "own" their OS, it's just heavily customized...although Amazon doesn't specialized themselves in business offerings, a merger with blackberry would give them insight into handset production, knowledge about the OS and they were apparently in the running to buy BlackBerry at some point, I don't see them buying blackberry outright, but some type of merger where Amazon invests in BlackBerry to leverage BB10 into their handsets is to me something worth looking at... At least some type of exclusive partnership of some sort

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    06-22-14 06:05 PM
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    Just before entering this thread I was thinking the exact same thing and was gonna post the exact same post with the exact same punctuation

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    06-22-14 06:07 PM
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    If you're asking if it could lead to bigger things in the future in general then my answer is sure why not. If you're asking if there will be a merger with BlackBerry and Amazon then my answer is no. However..i wouldn't mind that Fire with bb10 and without all the spy cameras.

    06-22-14 06:12 PM
  8. m1kr0's Avatar
    Both in it for the money, so yes. Watch this space, things will get hot in here soon.

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    06-22-14 06:16 PM
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    I think Amazon shouldve bought them when the company was for sale.

    Anyway, to answer the question, I hope it does. BB needs a partner to take on the giants of the industry. I think bringing the amazon app store, especially with the momentum it has, was a excellent start. BB no longer has to pay both Rovio and 7Digital and hopefully doesnt have to pay Amazon too much since Amazon gets a potential few million in extra customers they can tap into by putting their services onto BB devices.

    I hope they take it further though. I say license BB10 to Amazon for free and integrate all of Amazon's services into BB10. This way, Amazon no longer has to develop their own version of an OS. Plus they'd still have the same access to whatever apps are in their store plus what is in BB10. Amazon has a MUCH better brand image than BB does. Letting them use BB10 to sell devices could really boost numbers in my opinion. I wont hold my breath for any of this though lol
    06-22-14 06:23 PM
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    I'm not a business guy but I would think they might work together some but they seem to be on opposite ends on business models. Amazon being a pure consumer driven company at least with their gadgets(Fire phone, Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Reader) and Blackberry focusing on the business software and hardware side.
    06-22-14 06:24 PM
  11. Oglon3r's Avatar
    It certainly opens a big possibility, I mean look at Facebook how long until they integrate a store perhaps with ebay. You see the race now is to create an ecosystem where one can do the internet of things the most effectively and beautifully as possible. We can see this happening already with media giants coming together with device makers; comcast/apple to bring us perhaps another monstrosity like the apple Tv. So you see in the end if I can forecast anything it will be the fact that mergers, and buyouts will continue to occur as competitors seek to bring the internet of things to us all. We now see blackberry moving into that direction with the investment in the medical technology film, their android app support, the continuous development of qnx and now with the transfer of their media sector to amazon. So you see the future is truly the internet of things can't wait to see how this will play out for BlackBerry.

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    06-22-14 06:38 PM
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    Yes BlackBerry should make them and Amazon sell and deliver.

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    06-22-14 06:59 PM
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    I honestly believe that since BlackBerry wants to concentrate on the business sides of things, Amazon will be having the blackberry 10 os in their Fire phone in the future and a merger with Amazon is not out of reality, what you guys think ? I mean Amazon isn't using the full Android apps catalog, their version of Android is heavily customized so what prevents them of just changing os ?

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    Actually, it isn't Amazon's version of the app catalog that's "heavily customized", it's Google's.

    All of the apps in the Amazon app store will run on plain-vanilla Android. Now, the Kindle Fire (and the new Fire phone) do run a "forked" version of Android, but they still run plain-vanilla Android apps just fine.

    It's Google, with it's Google Play Services certification that's actually a customization of Android. The big difference is that many app publishers have come to depend on Google Play Services for various functions in their apps.

    The publishers don't all have it wrong though. In many instances they publish separate versions of an Android app, one for Google Play (that makes use of GPlay Services) and another for Amazon/1mobile etc.
    06-22-14 08:59 PM
  14. c_legaspi's Avatar
    Maybe for amazon, not sure about BlackBerry

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    06-22-14 11:06 PM
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    Now that amazon has released their new phone and the addition of the blackberry user base bigger name devs will have more incentive to publish non Google play apps so we should see an increase of Google play exclusive android apps being available on amazon's app store. Only thing I would like is a collaborative effort in producing a new PlayBook with a QNX core and a android runtime call it the PlayBook fire lol

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    06-23-14 12:03 AM
  16. CrackberryQ's Avatar
    Why are we limiting this to the app store.

    I belive the unlocked Z3 will come and be sold through amazon exclusively ( as the amazon version) and Amazon will sell the hell out of it!!!

    I actually see Amazon and BlackBerry working on a consumer phone together exclusive for amazon!

    I hope it goes that way and I hope BlackBerry doesn't screw it up like they did with the verizon iphone killer.

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    06-23-14 12:48 AM
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    I think a next step in this partnership would be for amazon to offer their video and music services on BlackBerry 10 devices. It's just a natural next step given that BlackBerry World will be shutting these down. And Amazon does actually have a wide variety of content.

    In my option the new Fire phone is gonna bomb and it's gonna bomb big. First it's an AT&T exclusive (anyone remember Palm and Sprint?) It's over priced 200 on contract, and it really doesn't offer any great advantages over Android. The 3D effect is kinda cool but more of a gimic, the whole active listening to find music has been done before, and the phone analyzing photos to find products to sell you is kinda creepy and I believe not overly useful. The main limitation is that Android has over 1 million apps, Amazon about 250 K. That's not a bad number but it just doesn't stand up. Maybe if they made the phone dirt cheap someone would buy it but for what you're paying no.

    It could be that BlackBerry will help Amazon with forking Android and making the Fire OS run smoother but I really don't see Amazon launching there own OS and I don't see them going BlackBerry 10. It would be cool if the two got together and did a tablet but even this would be some time off.

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    06-23-14 05:34 AM
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    Not sure if they'll ever merge as you suggest, but I think this is a great partnership for both!
    06-24-14 11:02 AM

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