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    Will a Security Wipe and/or an OS change, using Loader, clear the log file (Alt LG LG)?
    I forgot to check the device before I returned it for repair.
    The reason I ask is we had a 9800 (Torch), on Exchange/BES that we upgraded to OS After a couple of months of use the phone track pad (and occasionally the touch screen) would not function properly.
    We know the OS had nothing to do with the hardware malfunction. We have a few other 9800's running the newest OS. We didn't want the service provider to attempt to use anything they could find to hold us at fault. We put the original OS back on the device prior to returning it.

    01-18-11 01:32 PM
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    yes a wipe or os re install will clear the event log.
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    01-18-11 02:16 PM