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    I'm running on my 8330m. I created a profile called "Do Not Disturb" in which I selected "yes" for "Do Not Disturb" when setting up the alert for the phone. Here are my observations re the "Do Not Disturb" phone feature and a few follow-up questions.

    When the "Do Not Disturb" profile is in use, calls get sent directly to voicemail, as expected. This is good. BUT no exceptions for the phone work; ALL calls get sent directly to voice mail. Not good. Likewise, if an ordinary profile like "Loud" is in use, exceptions which call for the use of the "Do Not Disturb" profile don't work as expected. Yes, calls from callers listed on those exceptions don't ring through on the "Loud" profile, and THAT part is good, but they also don't go directly to voicemail, as directing them to use the "Do Not Disturb" profile in the exception(s) dictates they should; the calls simply ring through silently and then go to voicemail, but not immediately.

    I'm sure this has been hashed over before, but it goes to my question. I would like to know, has this been fixed in newer operating systems and devices? And do newer os's and devices include an "Enable Allowed Callers Exception" field when setting up a "Do Not Disturb" profile?
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