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    I am having trouble getting a Do Not Disturb exception to work. I have set the profile I want and then added names from my phone book to an exception that has Do Not Disturb as the phone profile, but instead of going straight to VM (as would be the case if the Do Not Disturb was the profile selected), the call still comes through just w/out a ringtone. Anyone got any suggestions of how to get certain callers to go straight to VM?
    09-28-08 12:29 AM
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    Well, what I do is I setup a "Whitelist" group that I want to get through no matter what "quiet" profile I have on (if I enable the Whitelist), and so I create a Filter "group" in the address book, and add those VIPs (like my fiancee) that I want to be able to reach me when I turn on the Whitelist.

    Then, in Profiles, when you select "Advanced", you'll see the "Whitelist" exception. Select a "quiet" profile, but check the Whitelist to allow those in that group to get through, and others to not.

    The do not disturb option does not do what you think it does.

    09-28-08 02:42 AM
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Just curious, what does the Do Not Disturb profile do and is there a way to get only certain callers to go straight to VM or have only certain calls ring through and all others go to VM?
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    09-28-08 03:20 PM