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    Hi all

    Moved from Symbian to Android to Blackberry.
    Dont fully understand BIS and BES so have this question:

    I purchased an unlocked Bold9700. Hooked it up to my existing UK Orange contract (300mins, unlimited text and 500MB net). I can now make and receive calls and texts. Orange said I needed to activate BB services and that this would cost 5 additional to my existing 25 plan.

    I have read on the net that BB services may not necessarily be required, for example, users can install Opera (for web) and Gmail (for emails) on the BB and use existing data plan. So the question is, do I need the BB service, and if so why or, what advantages does it give?

    10-30-11 06:45 AM
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    I believe its true. I'm not sure so basically the best thing to do is try to contact Opera, google and Orange see the situation

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    10-30-11 07:01 AM
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    Data services are pressed over the BIS (Blackberry internet service) to your Blackberry handset, you must have a Blackberry data plan activated to get Data services such as BBM / MMS / Browser with your unlocked Blackberry Bold 9700.

    Just get the plan from your carrier and also, because it is unlocked device from another carrier you need to update the service books on your device.
    You can ask your carrier to send an update to you.
    10-30-11 10:51 AM
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    Just to add... BES is only needed if you work for a company that hosts their own BES server for company email, calander and contacts. If you don't have that, then you don't need BES (which is more expensive and usually covered by the company, but not always).

    It's a shame that BIS is an extra cost outside of North America. With the iPhone coming out worldwide now, people aren't going to want to pay that extra cost if they don't have to.

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    10-30-11 11:46 AM
  5. Echelon6277's Avatar
    30 for regular phone service + BIS... Holy Crap that is expensive!! I pay about 150SEK, which is 14-15 a mounth...

    I don't know how your contracts work in UK but can't you change it? With BIS you don't need the 500MB net for an exempel...?
    I my country, if you have a contract, it's for the phonenumber, you lock it to the carrier for 12, 18 or 24 mounths, but you can change the type of contract whenever you want.
    10-31-11 08:28 AM