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    I highly doubt a college student NEEDS a BB or any PDA phone that requires a $30 data plan. I know as one myself, it's definitely a luxury. Of course after you've gotten accustom to me, it's much more difficult to let go. $30 isn't THAT much money. If you just skip eating out or going out drinking a few times, you can easily save up $30 for the data plan.

    Personally I think an iPhone is better suited for a college student. With all the apps available, I find myself using my iPhone much more for school purposes. I use Google Calendars quite a bit, one "calendar" for each of my classes. The BB calendar is too rudimentary, and doesn't support colored calendar sync with GCalendar. Plus the layout and tiny screen makes it difficult to use in general. Also, there are HW trackers that are really useful for me. The Tasks app in BB is also too simple. As far as emailing goes, I highly doubt a majority of students need PUSH. 15 min fetch works just fine for me. Gmail is my primary email address, so all of my emails related to school are automatically labeled depending on class. With BB, I have to use the Gmail app, so I'm on 15min fetch anyways. Emailing overall is more efficient on the iPhone.

    Not everyone will agree with me. But I truly believe a jailbroken iPhone is more powerful/useful than a BB in almost every way. My Bold is a very solid device, it's reliable just a great overall phone in general. But most of the features/programs that come with the phone are very rudimentary, and 3rd party applications are limited and ridiculously expensive. With that said, I'm using my Bold as my primary phone for now. I text a lot, and enjoy using a physical keyboard as opposed to the touchscreen (I'm faster on my iPhone though). I definitely love my Bold, it's a great device and I haven't been able to give up either one. But if I HAD to choose one, I'd choose my iPhone.
    Wow - that actually makes me want an iPhone to go along with my Bold..

    If only you could have two phones and just 1 number

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    I'm in college and i use it for everything, between classes its great, have documents on my phone, when i see a sidekick i just laugh in the inside =)
    02-06-09 11:42 PM
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    I keep in contact a lot with my teachers and such, like with questions about assignments. It's nice to be able to go to the library with just my notebooks and stuff, and know that with my blackberry, I can get help if I need it. I don't need to drag around my laptop anymore.
    Yeah when I first started school 3 years ago, I brought my laptop every day, and it's honestly kind of a pain... Then I bought an iPod touch in September, and that's been awesome. But it leaves something to desire since my school's wifi doesn't reach everywhere on campus.

    My new 8900 will change all of that
    02-06-09 11:48 PM
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    Wow - that actually makes me want an iPhone to go along with my Bold..

    If only you could have two phones and just 1 number

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    Well I mean most of the people on these boards might not agree with me, but for sure I can make a very strong argument for my case. I think iPhone vs. BB boards are often very skewed, especially on any dedicated BB board. That's of course expected, but I think one of the reasons is that most BB users aren't up to date with iPhone development. The jailbreak community has made significant progress in helping the iPhone become more efficient and customizable, especially in the past month or so. A primary BB user would definitely not up to date about that kind of stuff, since most don't even know what jailbreaking is.

    For example, my iPhone is capable of MMS, video recording, searching for emails, multicolored calendars, and almost any other "missing" features of a stock iPhone. Jailbreaking gives you such a difference experience that it makes the comparison between BB and iPhone VERY difficult. Recently, copy and paste was implemented. It's not as sophisticated as it is on a BB because for the most part it can only highlight texts that you type, but that just shows how development for the iPhone is so much more extensive than BBs.

    BB are GREAT devices. There's no argument about that, it's so reliable that the President can't even keep away. But that doesn't change the fact that aside from the customization that RIM ALLOWS you to have, there isn't much you can do. Whereas for the iPhone, the firmware is very easily "hacked" and modified to your own liking. The capabilities of the iPhone is constantly evolving and expanding , and if you don't keep up, it's easy to say that BB are better than iPhones.

    However, if you love the physical keypad, it's hard to let go of the Bold, even if I prefer iPhone OS.
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    To the above:

    This is the exact same fallacy with the Windows Mobile community i came from, that you should HAVE to tinker and hack just to get it to do things and that this was "normal." I bought into the same mentality that wow my WM phone can do 1000 times more things than other devices, add any kind of program for x or y, and customizable in 20,000 ways. In the end, how much of that REALLY matters though? Do i NEED to have 5 web browsers that do flash, a youtube app, 3 gps/mapping programs, 2-3 instant messengers, etc? No, MAYBE one basic IM app and google maps. I watched youtube a total of 0 times on my phone and flash in the browser is WAY overrated and hogs system resources bogging down the phone. How many colors did i need my homescreen to be with cool icons and 10 different plugins? None really. I ended up using my phone, text, calendar, and email 99% of the day and not touching 95% of the programs I installed. They were more the tinker/wow factor than usable. This is the same with the iphone, its more play and tinker than function- ex fart app and how many other of those silly programs exist. Sure, theyre cool that you can do all that stuff and how far technology has come, but how functional are they to your life? How essential is watching youtube or any silly application you can get? If very, i feel sorry for those people.

    This is not how it should be nor should you have to spend your time on instead of taking care of what you need to do. I cant count the hundreds of hours Ive wasted tinkering and hacking my phone just to get it "right" even though it never will be 100%. The BB OS is not as customizable, but it simply works when you need it to.

    Not everyone wants to nor has time to sit and hack their phone to get it to do what they want, let alone voiding their warranty or risking screwing up their expensive device. The fact you cant do essential things still like edit documents, excel sheets, or powerpoints remains. Until Jobs gets off his high horse the phone will continue to be locked down in terms of essential business functions and the screwy way they implement (or dont) things.

    For a media device its great, top notch.

    To the OP:

    First, $30 really isnt THAT much in the scheme of things a month. Give up eating out once a week, theres your $30. I just take out eating at the cafe at my law school one lunch a week and Ive saved $40 a month right there paying for my BB plan.

    Second, no matter what smartphone you get, especially on ATT or VZW particularly, data plans are going to be high priced. Youre not going to save a ton of money going to a Windows Mobile or iphone data plan. Its really depends what OS you want to use.

    Third, DEFINITELY check for discounts. most carriers give colleges discounts off their bills- sometimes 10-20%. i know i get 15% off the total bill. It really does pay, i save over $10 off my bill a month.

    I for one just came from a Sprint Windows mobile phone. I was on a VERY cheap plan- $37/month 500 min, 7pm n/w, unlim data, unlim texts/picmail, and phone insurance. Sure, i might be crazy paying ATT $68/month (after my 15% discount) for a Bold with BB data, but its what I want to use. In the end I decided I want GSM for SIM cards to swap phones easily, and wanted a BB since most lawyers/law students carry Blackberrys- and reliable push email is a must in the field or in school. I simply gave up that one meal out a week and it pays for the $30 difference in the plans per month, besides probably being healthier too.
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    You don't NEED it, but its helpful and useful.

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    I wont disagree there are some useful apps on other platforms. But in terms of NEED vs. WANT its 99% want more than essential to your life functions. Anything one needs for the average person's daily routine you can mostly find on any OS. The "wow" factor might not be there, but the functionality isnt as lacking as much as people on other OS communities make it sound.

    In then end, as ive said, you can get all the basics on any OS- ex. IM, gps/mapping (google spans multiple platforms for one), a decent browser (Opera/ opera mini spans multiple platforms for one), etc.

    Its all very much so a cult mentality when it comes to an OS on a phone. One community says dont go this way we hate x or y, the other says the opposite and the third says yet another view. Its kind of sickening to see people fight over which OS is better or worse, because the person on the other end will do what they want in the end, and we dont need constant justification why theyre personal choice is better than every other OS trying to convince others.

    Saying that, Ive been a Windows Mobile users for about 4 years straight now until 2 days ago, been highly involved in the WM communities. Ive also used an iphone, not as a personal device but physically used one. Im personally totally impressed with my new Bold after never thinking Id like a non touchscreen phone with trackball or the BB OS. In fact i cant remember the last time i had a non touchscreen phone. But Im not going to tell someone what to get, thats their own choice to make honestly, nor am i going to sit here an boast how good this or that OS is compared to x or y OS trying to make comparisons because they all have their pluses and minuses.
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    When I was still a med student.. I used google about every 20 minutes to look something up... the nurses on my rotations called me "Mister Google" and "Doctor Google"... In an age where you CAN get instant answers wirelessly, why wouldn't you?
    I'd be worried if someone in my hosital had to use google every 20 mins, presumably to look up medical information.
    02-07-09 02:37 PM
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    Here is one for you. When I was in college, there was no such things as cell phones.
    02-07-09 10:07 PM
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    im in college. i, in no way, need it. but its really nice having access to email and certain sites while im in class and campus. also, having the ability to listen to music during the day is key. atleast for me.(no ipod etc)
    02-07-09 10:10 PM
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    Yeah when I first started school 3 years ago, I brought my laptop every day, and it's honestly kind of a pain... Then I bought an iPod touch in September, and that's been awesome. But it leaves something to desire since my school's wifi doesn't reach everywhere on campus.

    My new 8900 will change all of that
    Oh, and I have an 8900 too and I love it! You'll love it too.

    Wi-Fi isn't always reliable on campus (we have the occasional black-out, oh no!) and my BB has saved my bum several times. If you DO bring your laptop on occasion, you can tether it with your BB to get internet.

    carrying all my textbooks is enough...I don't need to haul around my laptop too. hehe
    02-07-09 10:59 PM
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    newborns need blackberries.... lol
    02-07-09 11:04 PM
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    So I've read all your posts and wanted to make sure I thanked you all for your advice (and fun anecdotes!). I decided to buy a Motorola Slvr on eBay -- I decided the guilt of forcing my dad to spend an extra $30/month for something I really don't need was not worth keeping my trusty BB...we'll see how this goes

    Thanks again!
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    I didn't have a bb when I was going to college. I did take my laptop to school. I also used library computers.
    02-08-09 02:15 AM
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    i'm using it constantly for school, whether its emails, or reviewing power point presentations or just writing a paper... i don't know how i made it through freshman year with out one
    02-08-09 02:30 AM
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    BB are than just a source for email.....it's a way of you life. so yes you do need one!
    02-08-09 08:27 AM
  17. redsoxrocker's Avatar
    it would've been helpful in college, but i don't think i absolutely NEEDED it since i lived on campus...
    02-08-09 11:15 AM
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    Ha, I don't know about *Need* I got through my years of college fine without a blackberry... However, I can see where one would be very useful if I were a student.

    You'd be able to set up your entire schedule in your Calendar and plenty of other things. I wouldn't say a student *Needs* a blackberry for college, but if you have the extra money to spend on one I don't see why not. I mean, at the very least you end up with a very nice multi-functional device that could replace a lot of things that college students do need. (mp3 players, portable hard drives, memory sticks, etc.) It wont ever replace a laptop, but you could conceivable save a lot of money in the long run by spending a little extra money on your phone.

    Besides, for any college bound young man... Women are impressed by a guy who appears organized... some are anyway, and a blackberry does kind of give that feeling of organization, and control over people contacting you... Even if in actuality you aren't organized in the slightest

    I sure am not.
    02-11-09 02:14 PM
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    not a necessity but its extremely handy. my laptops pretty much docked in my dorm because of my BB and ipod.
    02-11-09 02:35 PM
  20. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    I would say stick with your laptop and use an ipod touch, etc.
    seriously, what campus doesn't have wifi.......keep the 600+ a month in your pocket...you will need it to pay back loans....
    12-27-09 09:45 PM
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    Lol guys this thread is almost a year old
    12-27-09 10:47 PM
  22. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    But a good topic nonetheless.

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    But a good topic nonetheless.

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    sure was a good topic for a year
    12-27-09 11:03 PM
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    Of course you don't need it. I did my first 3 years of college without one, and this year having it really hasn't made much difference.
    If your plan is about up, I would say shop around a little. Find the cheapest plan that works for you.
    As far as internet, almost any phone will surf online; I checked my gmail with mu old sprint sanyo s1 all the time.
    If you want a blackberry, and can afford one, get it. Just that simple. Of course you don't need it, but really, you don't "need"anything other than food, water, and shelter.

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    12-27-09 11:08 PM
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    I returned to college in 2008, since my previous degree was useless in the job market.

    My BlackBerry has been indispensable for me in college. I am able to get my school emails and keep track of exams and report due dates using the calendar. I also get SMS alerts from my instructors and am notified of class cancellations.

    In the summer 2009 semester, I took an online course that required a group report. I was able to work on the project with other folks I never met face-to-face, since I had my BlackBerry and could send SMS, BBM, email, or phone calls. I have no idea how I would have completed this project (which I got an A in) without my BlackBerry!

    I also made use of PDF to Go. In the fall 2009 semester, I downloaded a textbook in PDF format. I saved it to the microSD card on my BlackBerry. So any time I wanted to study, I simply opened the file on my BlackBerry and did not need to worry about having a book with me at the time.
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