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    In my wireless i've specified custom DNS servers. So whoever connects to my wireless basically gets routed to my own DNS server to do some restrictions.

    This works fine on my computers but on the blackberry, it only works if i change browser type to "HotSpot" instead of the other one.

    Why is this? If the mobile is connected to my Wifi and has my local IP and my local DNS, why would it go to another DNS server? anyway to fix this?

    the main issue is that i'm setting up a HotSpot at my store and i want users to get redirected to a welcome page first before browsing the web through their phone. So i'm running a DNS server locally.

    any hints would be appreciated.
    04-11-09 01:55 PM
  2. kir2u's Avatar
    my other question is when the WiFi icon is lit up, shouldn't the phone browser use the credentials given to it by the wireless network such as the DNS server etc?

    why would it use the carriers DNS when it's connected to a local Wifi?
    04-11-09 02:04 PM