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    I downloaded the latest version of Desktop Manager ( I successfully transferred a bunch of pictures from my computer to my device's media card. Those pictures are unencrypted, and I'd like to leave them that way. Now I have some pictures I would like to transfer and have encrypted. I'm having trouble figuring out which settings should be enabled. I have content protection enabled, media card support is on, and encryption mode is set for security password. It's my understanding that mass storage mode should be set for off -- at least that's the way it worked with my old version of DM -- in order for encryption to work. The problem is that when I go to transfer the pics I want encrypted, DM gives me two messages. One states that mass storage mode should be on in order to work with pictures; the other states that the device's content protection is enabled (i.e. encryption is on), and that files transferred to the device will not be encrypted. How do I transfer pictures to my nedia card and encrypt them?
    10-30-10 04:53 PM
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    Ah, I found the answer. From the BlackBerry website:

    "Encrypted media card transfer between the BlackBerry smartphone and a PC is currently not available with Desktop Software 6.0."

    It gives the workaround of a downgrade to version 5.
    10-30-10 05:32 PM