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    Wondering if anyone knows a way around this problem:

    My office plans my daily appointments through an Outlook Calendar.

    The appointment is then sent to me via an Invite.

    When my BB receives the emailed invite, it automatically adds it to my Calendar (which is very handy if I'm out and about, something my WinMo device didn't do).

    When I eventually get home, I have the appointments come through onto my Outlook Calendar.

    I now have the same appointment in Outlook and on my BB.

    When I sync with DM, it doesn't recognise they're the same thing (although they have the same time and description) and gives me a duplicate on my BB, but not in Outlook.

    Is there a way around this that anyone knows?

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    04-27-09 02:35 AM
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    Nobody come across this before?
    04-27-09 01:36 PM
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    When you get the invite on your blackberry and it saves it, delete it from phone and server that way outlook should not see it until you do a sync.

    When I get an apointment on my blackberry I accept it then it's saved, I can still view it in outlook without it adding it again but either way delete it from your bb before outlook sees it and I would think that should sort the problem.

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    04-27-09 05:14 PM
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    Thanks Tinyk.

    I'll give that a shot.

    So, it's looking like, no matter what, I'm gonna have to delete an appointment from my phone at some point. Either before the sync, or after.
    04-28-09 01:00 AM