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    Ok so reading through past threads, ive figured out how to sync my organizer data between my Torch and Outlook 2010. Everything worked fine between my calendar entries and tasks, but for some reason none of my contacts are syncing from my device into Outlook. In the setup properties I do have Outlook selected as the application to sync with so I'm not sure what the issue is. If anyone could help me, it would be awesome!!! Let me know if you need additional info to help with the troubleshoot, thanks.
    12-07-10 09:09 PM
  2. Seantm's Avatar
    So after some toying around on my phone...I think I've found the reason as to why I'm having issues, but still no solution. Keep in mind this is with my Torch and OS 6...if I'm in contacts, if I hit the menu button, there is an option that says "select contact list..." When I push that, a menu pops up that has 3 options...1.Show all contact lists. 2.Default. 3.AT&T address book. With all of that said, the contacts under the default list do indeed sync with Outlook. The contacts under the AT&T address book do not. When I create new contacts, it gives me an option to choose either of these lists so I'm assuming that the AT&T list are my contacts previous to my Torch purchase. So my new question is: is there anyway to switch my AT&T list to the default list so they all will sync in Outlook? Thanks.
    12-07-10 10:24 PM
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    It seems that Contacts is one of the shortcomings in sync land. Groups won't sync, and multiple contact lists won't either. What you can do is sync your BB with DM, but not to Outlook but to ASCII export. This will create a .cvs file that you can open and edit with Excel. Do an export from Outlook to .cvs as well. With a bit of careful cut and paste you should be able to create one list in the BB .cvs format that will import back in. One note... make sure you don't change any of the field headers or you will find things in odd places after syncing. And make sure you have a solid backup before starting.
    12-08-10 07:14 AM