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    I dl DM 4.3 and it works, but with a catch. Its installed on XP Pro SP2. When I boot the PC the BB device mgr automatically loads, which its configured to do. Also DM launches automatically at boot up but I don't know why. That's not the problem though. As long as I connect my curve as sync, or otherwise use DM, all is well. But, if I close DM and then later start it again, it crashes. XP pops up a message saying DM experienced a problem and needs to close. So in order for me to be able to use DM 4.3, I have to reboot the PC, wait for DM to auto-launch at startup and then I can connect my BB and use the DM. Anyone else ever had this? Is it a bug? I never had that problem with 4.2 SP2. When I did my BB upgrade to could I have stuck with DM 4.2 or was there a logical reason why the upgrade instructions said to dl 4.3?

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    02-15-08 09:40 PM
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    I had this same problem! Its a easy fix!! Just delete it off your PC and re-install it! That fixed mine!

    02-15-08 09:44 PM