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    I have my what I will call NORMAL homepage on an html file located in my 9650's internal memory. It is a table with a bunch of my favorite links. When I fire up the Browser it opens to that homepage. If I browse all over the place I can press H and get back there or I can select Home from the BB menu. This is the homepage I have set in the Browser options.

    But when I use wifi, I have a formal BB Homepage. It has a BB logo at the top and has a Search Box labeled "Search mobile.blackberry.com." Then some links to "Search the Internet, Visit BB app world, Get Help, etc"

    If I press H or use the menu, and select HOME this Mobile-BB page comes up.

    How come I don't have the MY home page that I've set under Browser options for the wifi connection but do for, I guess, 3g?

    I do admit, that wifi on the phone is pretty new to me. I could understand if the wifi-location had its own homepage but I get this BB homepage from out of the ether.

    Any help or explanation would be appreciated.
    06-29-10 04:11 PM