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    Looking back at this series of statements from T.H. are others here thinking what I'm starting to think?
    09-24-13 01:00 AM
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    Looking back at this series of statements from T.H. are others here thinking what I'm starting to think?
    BlackBerry management has never been good at communicating with their customers.
    It has improved a lot though, but being impatient humans, we all would like some more direct communication.

    E.g. it would be cool if we had daily updates at scheduled intervals telling us about the progress of fixing the BBM for Android bug. Not code details, but just short updates like "Our developers have now identified the root cause", "A fix is beeing implemted", "The fix is beeing tested internally. Aiming for a release next Monday - but allow us to change it if we encounter other issues".

    This would make BlackBerry much more human and "Oh - those guys are working for me and I do understand what's going on" instead of "The once so big company not beeing able to deliver on time and not telling us what's going on".

    I did read their blot but is gives a very vague statement and simply says "soon". We then had a post in the forums by BlackBerry explaining a bit more. But they should have an official blog giving updates and allowing users to ask questions and answer them. They would gain so much trust. Alec Saunders did that at BlackBerry Live last year: He left his email address on the huge screen and said something like "If you have questions please contact me". He also removed "legal department barriers" internally for the dev supporters so they can provide code samples (this was not allowed previously).

    Looking back 5 years they have improved a lot, but we all want more...
    09-24-13 02:29 AM

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