09-15-13 05:35 PM
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    Well you've definitely proven you have zero sense of humor.

    I'm not going to trace down your post history. You're name is simply one of the negative Nancy's that stroll through the forums. It was a reasonable gamble that perhaps you had jumped on that bandwagon since most of what is said is very repetitive.

    And personally, I have been extremely suprised at what I have been reading. Apple always gets the good press. CNET that seemed like it had discovered religion talking about the iPhone leading up to the announcement switched gears immediately following to explain away the disappointment. Other articles I've read in my various newsreaders have talked about people not planning on making the upgrade, China not going to be a good marketplace for the pricey phones when that's what everyone assumed the C was being made for. People upset about no new Apple TV, etc etc. I don't recall ever reading this many negative articles about Apple announcing a new product. Sure, I remember negative articles on child labor, ebook pricing, antenna gate, and Apple Maps, constantly sueing Samsung, but never this much negative about a new iPhone. I think Apple is losing its polish. Apple's a little bruised right now isn't it?

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    You wish. You certainly seem to enjoy negative Apple stories. They aren't the ones exploring strategic alternatives through.
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    09-15-13 05:31 PM
  2. chriss1928's Avatar
    Just saying there's a nice slice of proof pie ready if you want it via texts from last Thursday.

    But agreed, post should get back on point.
    09-15-13 05:31 PM
  3. chriss1928's Avatar
    So nothing to do with the 5c announcement then? I can't say I have ever heard of someone having a faulty power button (faulty home button yes) or an iPhone that kept freezing and restarting but I am sure they exist. The common problem with the 5 is scuffing of the finish on the black version.
    They thought the 5c was foolish given that its very similar to a 5 for the price the 5 should've been had it stayed in the lineup and instead of getting nice metal(one of the iPhone's redeeming qualities) you get some bright colored plastic. Like I've said time and time again, they didn't like where the company appeared to be heading and made a move. Didn't like their flagship of less than a year ago isn't good enough to be sold anymore.

    And yes faulty power button, took it to Apple genius pressed the power switch repeatedly and rapidly and deemed it faulty. My manager had a 5 when it launched on VZW and his home button failed and had it replaced, that was very common.
    09-15-13 05:34 PM
  4. howarmat's Avatar
    alright enough....over 600 posts about apple on a bb forum! sigh
    09-15-13 05:35 PM
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