06-04-08 07:53 PM
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  1. flchick75's Avatar
    I ordered mine through sprint and got it in the mail with a 1GB sd card. I was very surprised. So was the verizon guy I talked to about a car charger. He said theirs don't??! I guess all that $ got me something!! lol

    Anyone else?
    06-03-08 10:47 AM
  2. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Didn't get one with either of my BB's. I think that was an oops. lol
    06-03-08 10:49 AM
  3. Success100's Avatar
    sprint includes a 1g mini sd. its actually already installed when u take the phone out of the box
    06-03-08 10:51 AM
  4. Realestatepro's Avatar
    Ya probably a mistake or promotion they had going on cause my BB did not come with one ...I bought a 2gb card at staples for 12.99 tho...
    06-03-08 10:51 AM
  5. flchick75's Avatar
    holy cr@p RealEstatePro, was that on sale? If not, I'm going tonight! lol
    06-03-08 11:01 AM
  6. Realestatepro's Avatar
    holy cr@p RealEstatePro, was that on sale? If not, I'm going tonight! lol
    You know i think it was on sale but honestly if you look on like circuitcity.com and like all the office stores like staples.com and officedepot.com, officemax.com and such they tend to have sick deals when it comes to jump drives, SD/MiniSd cards, externals HD's Ect i always find great deals thru them online... recently got a 500GB external for 118.00
    06-03-08 11:09 AM
  7. flchick75's Avatar
    yikes 500GB It would take me 30+ yrs to fill that puppy up.

    I may look into that. Do you think having a lot of apps/ringtones/pics on a memory card slows your BB down at all?
    06-03-08 11:19 AM
  8. Realestatepro's Avatar
    if there on you memory card then it shouldnt but if there on your internal phone memory then yes... you can actually see your available memory by going to options>status
    06-03-08 11:30 AM
  9. ERDude's Avatar
    Mine came with a 1 gig card and I bought I 4 gig card from Buy.com for $17, they give you $10 off your first order if you use google checkout.
    06-03-08 11:32 AM
  10. Timewalk's Avatar
    Telus Pearl comes with 1GB MicroSD..
    06-03-08 01:01 PM
  11. mamapie's Avatar
    My curve came with a 1GB card already installed too.
    06-03-08 01:17 PM
  12. skidilydidily's Avatar
    yep same here mama,, chap in orange shop said it didnt come with one so gave me a brand new sandisk one to compensate,, got home unboxed it an it already had one in BONUS :P shame it wasnt a 2gb one so now got 2 x 1gb, sister needed new one so gave her one coz ima nice brother like that
    06-03-08 01:23 PM
  13. PanaSama's Avatar
    Mine came with a 1 GB card aswell
    06-03-08 01:24 PM
  14. flchick75's Avatar
    shhhhhhh we're going to make others jealous lol

    Seriously though, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I guess verizon hands out BB curves for like $99 bucks so what can ya do? haha
    06-03-08 01:41 PM
  15. thomas.jc's Avatar
    My pearl came with one from tmobile but a month later my friend went up yo the same store and bought one and it didn't come with one. The salesperson said the none of the ones that she had sold included one. Guess I got lucky!

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    06-03-08 01:45 PM
  16. P.H.A.D.E's Avatar
    Yeah, Mine Came With A 1GB.............Sprint Is Doing That With Their Curves!!!
    06-03-08 02:01 PM
  17. johnnywoods's Avatar
    Mine came with a 1GB too. Surprised as heck!
    06-03-08 02:19 PM
  18. MRSBROWN2006's Avatar
    Got one too courtesy of Sprint. Spending that extra money actually got me something. Probably take me at least a yr to fill that thing up though. I'm still planning on getting a 4gb just so that I don't have to reload anytime soon.
    06-03-08 05:01 PM
  19. LMJ_8130's Avatar
    I have an 8130 with sprint and mine didn't come with a card I had to go buy my own!

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    06-03-08 06:40 PM
  20. brothamoveson's Avatar
    I wish but no it didnt.
    06-03-08 06:40 PM
  21. Flurrycat's Avatar
    So I'm getting the impression I got a raw deal. I didn't get one with my pearl! What's up with that?!?!
    06-03-08 06:46 PM
  22. silx29's Avatar
    I thought my curve was refurbished because mine came with 1gb card haha

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    06-03-08 06:49 PM
  23. tommyboy007's Avatar
    i got one. i was shocked to see a 1gb in there though. i was expecting 128mb or something!
    06-03-08 06:58 PM
  24. bexx's Avatar
    i couldn't live with 1gb, i like to make my phone my mp3 player so i had to go buy.com and get 4 gb! but a 1gb would be handy to have around, i still have mine from my old phone.
    06-03-08 06:59 PM
  25. FF22's Avatar
    Verizon shop threw in a 1gig when I purchased the phone. But I then purchased an 8gig - waiting for the OS to accommodate the 8gigs - right now I use it as a 4gig.

    Since I've got an Otterbox, I really don't use the 1 gig and their small size means I'm not sure that I'd want to be swapping and probably losing one or the other.
    06-03-08 07:39 PM
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