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    I am using a 9530 on VZW and have seen this problem in all versions of aoftware I have tried.

    My company adds a bunch of miscellaneous information at the end of phone numbers in our Outlook global address book. For example a number might be entered as any of the following formats:
    • (888)555-5555 [8441]
    • 888-555-5555 ___________________ 8441-5555
    • 888-555-5555 bld8441

    Any time I just dial one of these formats Verizon coughs up "the number you dialed has been changed or is no longer in service" message. I did some experimenting and a couple calls to tech support to find out the phone won't dial any numbers with unrecognized characters, no matter where they occur in the number sequence. As far as I can tell the only valid characters are the numbers 0-9, open/close parentheses, dash, plus and the letter x. If I dial a number standard 10 digit phone number stored with spaces, not dashes, it won't dial out.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Does it do this with all BB or just the ever so perfect Storm? Is there some kind of work around or helper app that will allow me to just look up john doe and "Call John Doe Work".
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