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    Device Switch Wizard fails.


    I gave my Dad a Storm tonight, updated to OS and loaded DM 4.6 (my preference, as it works great with my setups) onto his PC.

    His big thing was to get his info from his Palm 700 onto the Storm. We did a HotSync of the Palm, closed that out, unplugged the Palm.

    Plugged in the Storm, fired up DM, selected Device Switch, plugged in the Palm and followed prompts. It seemed to go well, although VERY fast, but when all said and done, the calendar and tasks and contacts were not on his new Storm. There were 2 usernames to choose from, and we tried both. No go.

    He lives by his Treo, so has loads of contacts and calendar entries and tasks. NOTHING migrated over.

    Yes, we did a BattPull, yes we rebooted his PC, yes we redid the hotsync and tried again.


    Any hints or tips on what to do to get his contacts and calendar etc migrated over from the "about to die" Palm to the new Storm? GoogleSync is not an option, as we can't even get his phone online til Monday, when Bell Techs are working.

    Manually doing all this would be a right PITA, and also not doable timewise. Dad just doesn't have that kind of time, and personally, I feel that we shouldn't have to do that.

    Would DM 5 help? I won't even entertain the idea of DM 4.7 so don't suggest it.

    Is there a setting in the PC that I need to enable to be able to export/import his stuff from Palm Desktop to Desktop Manager? I used to know Windows well, but it's been a couple of years since I used it last, except in a virtual environment to do my Berry stuff. I'm a little rusty, to say the least, and have never use OE or OExprees personally.

    Would it be possible to hotsync the Palm to OE/xpress then do a sync via DM to the Storm?

    Just tossing out "what if's" as I want to have at least a plan of attack when I go over there 2 days from now. I need to make this work.
    07-25-09 11:41 PM
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    Can't really remember palm OS quirks to be honest. I didn't even move my data from pal to using DM. Best way would be to use outlook if you have it. If not look into thunderbird with lightning. It can export to DM well also

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    07-26-09 12:22 AM
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    Lightning? Is that a Thunderbird addon? I do believe Dad uses Thunderbird rather than OE.

    But of course, knowing the parentals, it will be an extremely old version that doesn't support the new stuff...... *sigh*

    I have a look and see if Outlook is an option for this initial migration. Thanks for the confirmation of my gut feeling on how to go about this.

    Ugh, I just wish it had worked so that Dad would be VERY VERY HAPPY with his new Blackberry.
    07-26-09 12:33 AM