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    Device Skin fro UKarbon.-img_20151120_130243.jpg
    Device Skin fro UKarbon.-20151120_152420.jpg

    Just go my order from U|Karbon - Premium Quality Skins For Your Favourite Devices! a Carbon firbre skin for my BlackBerry Passport, cut & fitted to perfection. *

    UKcarbn were great, they sent me free samples with out having to sign up and answered any questions in quick time. Basically you tell them what you want and they cut it for your smartphone, tablet, Laptop, Games console anything you want covered, in whatever material you want, in any design or pattern regardless of how wacky it is. Mine is White Carbon, BB logo cut out & Black Carbon logo inserted easy to apply doesn't peal & easy to remove and leaves no damage and it's awesome if I don't say so myself. There's a video clip of our favourite BlackBerry hater showing you how easy it is to install on the UKarbon Web page. *Check out my BlackBerry Passport pictures and see for yourself.*

    Shipping is free to UK residents and free international shipping on orders 20 and over, plus follow*@UKarbon on Twitter and get 10% off your order. You also earn points for signing up & purchasing items & poinst equal money equals money off more awesome products.

    I've seen skin on Amazon and other online stores but none better than these. I would say it a must for every smartphone lover who like to stand out in the crowd. Check them out for yourselves. http://UKarbon.co.uk
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