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    Hi -

    I have a Dell E1705 with the Dell 355 BT adapter built in. When I bought the 8830 from Verizon about 2 months ago, I read all the forums about using the native XP SP2 drivers in order to get the Desktop Manager to connect. I followed the instructions from BlackBerry's site and all was well. DUN was working as well as the Desktop Manager and my Outlook calendar sync'ed with no issues.

    About 2 weeks ago, the BT just died on my laptop and Dell sent out a new adapter but I can't get Native XP to find it without using the Dell drivers. When I use the Dell drivers I can get connectivity with DUN but I cannot get the Desktop Manager to work....

    I know a lot of people have this issue but since mine worked before with the native XP SP2 drivers I am reluctant to go buy a dongle.

    Does anyone know if there is a fix to get XP to not use the Dell drivers?


    08-15-07 10:13 AM