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    Hi - general email question here. I always download my Gmail to Outlook on my PC just so I have a local copy.

    When using Gmail (web or via Gmail app on Android), I have always been able to download emails that I sent to Outlook on my home PC - i.e. Outlook would download 'sent email' in to my inbox and I would drag it to my "sent" Outlook folder to complete my records.

    However, I noticed on the Z10 (with IMAP connection), this does not work. When comparing headers on a Z10-sent mail versus a Gmail app-sent mail, the "Delivered-to" header (which is my email address) is not present. This header is not where the mail is sent to, but looks to be some sort of forwarding address.

    Any experienced email bods out there understand what's going on or if this is possible to emulate? I think I achieved this on BIS by adding my own address to the bcc field.

    05-19-13 08:49 PM
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    Sorry for the delay! Working on getting you an answer.
    06-02-13 01:17 AM
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    The simple answer is that Delivered-to: " is a non standard header not defined in RFCs. The regular headers are all defined for and added by the SMTP server(s) in the transmission chain, not by IMAP which (in this context) is purely a mailbox *reading* protocol.

    A quick google search found this (draft RFC revision) document which explains headers Common Internet Message Header Fields. It appears that the original RFC 2076 remains valid and the document never got beyond draft stage. However Jacob Palme undoubtedly knows what he is talking about, and the fact that the updated document was not implemented does not degrade the information contained in it.

    Delivered-To: or X-Loop:
    Used by some automatic services (mainly MLMs and autoresponders) for the purpose of loop detection. The service adds the Delivered-To header to outgoing messages, with its e-mail address as a value, and discards incoming messages which already have it.
    I have two wild guesses about what is happening, any or all of which could be way off the mark.
    1. The Delivered-to: header may be added by your Outlook in some form of acknowledgement that the message has been delivered to another device - in vague compliance with the description above.
    2. The Delivered-to: header may be added by the Google mail server in a specific enhanced path which is only followed when the server sees the sending (or reading?) device as using Google proprietary access methods (a specific web page, Android device, or other Google sourced client software).
    06-02-13 08:27 AM

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