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    I have been using an email address since I bought the 8900 phone. It is the default email/calendar. I have now got a gmail address and set up an email on the phone and imported my Outlook calendar to a gmail calendar on the web. When I went to sync web to phone I selected my gmail calendar under calendar options thinking it would sync to it. It doubled up my default calendar. I then changed my default to gmail, no luck. I deleted the calendar thru desktop manager, I did a backup to DM before I started all this. I was able at that point to sync both by doing a reset sync, so all events are now coordinated between phone and web, but still on the original calendar tied to the original email address.

    If I drop the original email address. How do I take it off phone without deleting the current calendar events. I know how to delete the email from phone thru the phone or the BIS site. And how to delete cical and cmime thru service books. Just not sure if that will erase calendar events and how to make the gmail calendar retain the events. It seems they are tied to this original email address calendar. I know where to go to reset default services. I can also back up this calendar to DM before I delete the original email address. Even when I selected gmail as the default calendar it still used the original calendar as the default when trying to sync.

    I hope this is not too confusing and is easier than I think. Just want advice before I delete the original email address from phone. I may change ISP is why I would do this.


    03-08-10 04:43 PM
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    I'm not exactly sure what you want to do, so before you do anything, back up. You can always restore.

    If you go into options>service books, delete all CICAL entries except for the gmail address CICAL entry (or whichever one you want to be the default calendar). Leave all of the CMIME entries, unless you are not wanting to get email from those addresses anymore. If you update your OS, you'll have to go back and re-delete those CICAL entries again.
    03-08-10 05:49 PM
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    I have a siscom.net email hence a siscom cical. When I put gmail email/cical (google) on phone and tried to sync to it, the events went on the siscom cical. If I change ISP, I will lose siscom and use gmail as a default email and cical (google) on the phone. So, I guess when I delete siscom email/cical it wil erase all the google calendar on the siscom cical and I will have to set gmail as the default and resync. If this is true, too bad as I got google sync working great for now.

    I do always back-up.

    03-08-10 06:15 PM
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    Do the backup, wipe it and do advanced restore and just restore those items you want back, like calendar, bookmarks, etc. If it's marked for wireless reconcile, you'll need to turn that off before restoring manually.

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    03-08-10 06:18 PM
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    I will do a backup when I change the ISP.

    But, the way google sync works, I will have to set the gmail cical as default, hope that works, and then do a restore from google cal on the web to the phone, otherwise only events put on the phone after initial sync are there and synced. Was hoping to avoid that.

    03-08-10 06:26 PM
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    You may be able to do something a bit different. You can MERGE all calendars into one. So I think if you changed to gmail on the BB as the default and then merged items, they would all be in there. Then do you removal and or syncing.

    "In less then a minute, however, the calendar issue can be fixed. Open the calendar. Hit the options menu. And with it open just type the word "move." It will then ask you to confirm the move to your email address. Select "yes." Then save and exit. You need to do a battery pull to have the changes take effect."

    You might have to play to get the right calendar as default, etc.

    good luck
    03-08-10 08:45 PM