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    Okay, this has been annoying me for long enough that I figured I'd post to see if someone has found a solution to it.

    I have my Pearl 8120 (4.5) set up to retrieve messages from an IMAP email account. When I use the phone to delete messages from this account, the messages also disappear from the IMAP account (and all other computers set up to use it), which is good. But when I delete messages from another computer, the messages still show up on the phone and I have to delete them from the phone.

    Having to delete messages twice is an annoyance. It's like the phone notices when new messages appear in the IMAP account, but not when messages disappear from it. There's no way to sync the phone to the IMAP account and remove any messages from the phone that aren't in my mailbox.

    Or is there?
    04-12-09 09:33 AM