1. BKF224's Avatar
    I downloaded viigo on to my phone last night and when I woke up this morning my call log was deleted. I was wondering if the download caused this, also I was wondering if I had too many apps,I don't have many but under status at file free it says 0 bytes.I can't remember what it was before. Thanks

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    03-25-08 03:31 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    03-25-08 03:38 PM
  3. SHEDGES's Avatar
    The recent download could have eaten up the last bit of free memory that you had. When you run out, you will start losing your call-log, messages and emails.

    You might take a look at killing out any preloaded apps that you aren't using. You can also delete the "sample" video. There are some great threads on CB that go even further than that to free up much needed memory. I cleared my web cache, deleted some preloaded data and did a battery pull and couldn't believe how much memory it freed up!!

    If you are storing any pictures/videos on the phone's memory, you should consider a Micro SD card to keep the phone memory free.
    03-25-08 03:42 PM
  4. Yankel's Avatar
    I just lost my call log list as well. I have over 15.5 mb of free memory.
    What happened?
    03-25-08 03:55 PM
  5. sunkast's Avatar
    Apps on your phone allocated so much memory that the phone started dumping messages. Just because you have such and such memory free doesn't mean it can't happen. If you have apps/themes that are allocating memory it can still conclude that there is not enough free memory.
    03-25-08 04:03 PM
  6. Yankel's Avatar
    I have added two apps to my BB 8130 since I got it last month. Smartview and google maps( which I have never used yet). I have over 15 mb of free memory. Do you think that memory is the answer to my losing the call log?
    03-25-08 05:31 PM
  7. sunkast's Avatar
    I can't be 100% positive since I'm not the one using it. There could be something else, but 99% of the time, automatically deleted call logs or messages are the result of the system not having enough free memory to operate.
    03-25-08 05:38 PM
  8. Yankel's Avatar
    Should I take steps to free more memory. Is the 15.5 mbs not enough to breathe easily?
    03-25-08 05:40 PM
  9. sunkast's Avatar
    I would recommend following the Optimize your BB thread regardless.
    03-25-08 05:47 PM
  10. Yankel's Avatar
    Sunkast, I too am in the Detroit area.
    What steps should I follow to free more memory? Is it absolutely, really needed? If so, I will do it.
    03-25-08 05:50 PM
  11. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Read the second post, again. lol
    03-25-08 05:58 PM