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    For some reason I go into contacts>options and I see I have two contacts lists, both of which are called 'myaddress@gmail.com'. One has 49 contacts and the other 12 contacts. I did a 'rset' on the list with 12 since they were mainly insignificant, but how do I get just one list?

    Really annoying me.
    12-24-10 09:19 AM
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    I had that problem before. I believe it is caused by Google Sync.
    12-24-10 09:22 AM
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    In the same menu you can select General Options and under Allow Duplicate names select No. I don't know if this will help. Like mb said it most likely happened after syncing. Also try a batt pull.

    I know when I first loaded my contacts I got dupes. Tried deleting 1 set and they all disappeared. Had to reload over 100 manually. What a pain. Best of Luck!

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    12-24-10 10:23 AM
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    First of all, hi!.,.how are you?.,.

    I've been on the same boat in the past.,.all my gmail contacts were duplicated when I have it synced and deleting all those duplicated contacts is really tiresome. A total headache as I have hundreds even thousand of contacts duplicated.,.you can imagine how frustrating it was.

    But deleting those duplicate contacts in Gmail will eliminate conflicts and eliminate the frustration of searching for the right contact knowing you will get the name you are looking for. So I have no CHOICE!!

    But the thing is I am a busy person.,that I have no time to have it done. So, what I did is browse the net, keeping my fingers cross that i would somehow stumble upon some useful tips on how to clean up my address book. I'm glad I did took the time. =)

    I found a useful tool called Scrubly Duplicate remover. The process is simple; it scans your Gmail contact folders and look for duplicate contacts. If Scrubly finds any exact or Compatible Contacts, it will remove or merge them automatically. They even have a back up so I can have the original copy just in case.

    I hope this information had helped you =).I can give you the link to the site if you want to have more information as I guess they have other features.,. .,.
    01-18-11 01:57 AM