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    Not really off topic as it applies to our bb's but I'm wondering why smartphone makers like RIM haven't come up with built-in solar charging. It would decrease battery size giving more flexibility in smartphone design, and at the same time increase battery life with trickle charging. Solar cells are more smaller and efficient these days so I can easily see it being incorporated into the design and being transparent. This would make more sense for smartphones as they're constantly out of the pocket, more than standard cell phones. Just like those solar calculators that never die, imagine your phone going weeks/months without ever having to plug in. I'm wondering now if someone has a patent on this and is demanding huge bucks for licensing. Hmmm...
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    Only time will tell.
    02-01-08 11:16 PM
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    Most of those solar calculators are dual. And probably majority of the users do work in an office where our devices are constantly blinking and/or notifier going off.... What then? Go out and charge it under the sun?

    If this idea comes true, I would definitely would check the charging time first. With this age, where we want everything to be instant and fast, I don't think this will fly.

    Man, I'm a dream stealer
    02-01-08 11:58 PM
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    ya here is some charging time for thought... oh and I love the Quote from
    them saying "charging by candle light" that kind of destroys any credibility they might have.

    New Solar-Powered Phone Unveiled

    by Justin Thomas, Virginia on 03.20.07

    Science & Technology (electronics)

    At CeBIT 2007, Chinese electronics maker, HTW, introduced a cell phone that can be charged by the sun. It gets 25 minutes of talk time from just 40 minutes of charging in sunlight, it can be charged with indoor light when no direct sunshine is available and even candlelight. Called the 'Light-Energy Mobile Phone', it is a relatively slender clamshell with an 84 x 47.6 x 0.8mm solar panel built into the flip side. As for the practicalities of putting such a handset on the market, Hi-Tech says the panel is encased in toughened glass and would stand up to all the rigors of a regular mobile. :: Via: Trusted Reviews

    My opinion........................

    is that this panel is too small to generate a meaningful amount of electricity.
    This is a common problem with solar devices. The cells are expensive so the manufacturers use less to keep costs down. In the process they fail to deliver enough power to charge the devices in a reasonable amount of time.
    The charge light still comes on so people assume it is doing the job. The question is how long will it take to do the job. Even when charge time information is available it is often exaggerated. The best basis for comparison is the watts generated by the cells. Unfortunately this information is most often conspicuously absent.
    At this size, even if you assume it has highly efficient cells, this area of cells will generate about 0.5 - 0.7 watts of power. For a typical cell phone this will mean a charge time of 28 hours in direct sunlight.
    They also claim to charge from indoor light and even candle light. This may be technically true, but what they fail to mention is how much less power you get from those sources. Scratch 28 hours and make that 300 + hours because typical indoor light will produce less than 10% of that generated in sunlight.
    Unfortunately people buy these devices and quickly conclude that they are useless. They are useless, but don't blame solar energy, it can be very effective as a mobile power source, instead blame the real culprits, unscrupulous manufacturers and marketers.
    02-02-08 01:10 AM
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    Solar power works great for my wrist watch, but enough power to keep my bb on the internet and camera plus chatting and games? Not yet I don't think

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    02-02-08 02:31 AM
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    It sounds like a good idea but I work nights. Unless they come up with a moonlight charger it would never work for me.

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    02-02-08 05:44 AM
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    This is the one application that a micro-fuel cell would be useful. Just plug in a new hydrogen fuel vial once a month and forget about those pesky chargers!

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    02-02-08 06:50 PM
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    I could see that happening if they find a way to make the displays pull double-duty as a solar power collector.
    02-02-08 08:51 PM