1. anon1180558's Avatar
    hi folks in a bit of a quandry here and need some suggestions / advice.

    I have recently purchased exchange online direct from Microsoft, which is very slick and works very well.

    I have an iphone and a blackberry and I have decided that i only want to carry one phone around from now on.

    so i want to access this server, via my mobile to get emails, etc .

    i have used active sync on the iphone and it works perfectly, syncing the contacts, calendar mail and its great; however the iphone has limitations ie battery.

    i can get the blackberry working with the exchange online via BIS, but i just get bis mail, and do not get contact sync, or calendar sync.

    i am considering hosted BES service, but from what i read you dont get any visibility on the BES end, ie access to mgt console etc, but not sure how the hosted BES works? any info...

    so the quandry is this!

    1. use iphone and have contact and calendar sync. ( but crap battery life)


    2. use blackberry and get exchange maill through BIS, but no calendar or contact sync..

    3. use blackberry and get some sort of hosted BES server ....

    any suggestions / recommendations?

    03-28-10 06:55 PM
  2. es_bih's Avatar
    Use BlackBerry and AstraSync perhaps. Look it up. Works well, $50 per year however.

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    03-28-10 09:18 PM
  3. vincentnyc's Avatar
    use blackberry express...it syncs your calender and it is free.
    03-28-10 09:34 PM