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    My BB8900 is has the dreaded 4 flashing red lights. I've tried all recommended solutions to get it restarted but its DEAD. So its now being dealt with as an insurance claim. However my question is how can I access my contacts, memo, tasks etc. Can I back up from BB Protect to my girlfriends phone, copy the information, then restore hers to her original state? If I can how would I do this? Could I also use BB Desktop Manager? I haven't sync'd to BB DTM for months so the data on Protect should be more recent. Thanks
    02-07-12 03:38 AM
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    If you had BB protect on the old phone that died and it was operating normally and doing backups....

    Then on the new phone you can open/install BB protect, put in your BlackBerry I D, and tell it to do a restore. It will then give you a list of backups from the old phone to choose from. Pick one and restore.

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    02-07-12 04:10 AM
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    Its not a new phone. Its my girlfriends, she already has BB protect set up for her phone. How do I log her out and me in to her phone?
    02-07-12 04:34 AM
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    sad because?
    02-07-12 04:43 AM