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11-24-11 07:20 PM
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  1. Clinto's Avatar
    You know... My wife and I have discussed this very issue. Which looks better? And we both agree.. Because I lift weight's, drink protein shakes and do $hit like that, I feel confident enough to wear "slim" fit slacks and nice slim fit business/button up shirts for work. My slacks obviously are not skin tight, but if I put my Bold 9930 in front pocket as the Girls Gone Gadgets suggest, you can see my phone sticking out through my slacks. And that looks real bad.
    My wife says it's much sexier with a nice leather case that attaches to my belt for work days.
    But otherwise, I will agree with the "Girls" though... If I'm wearing casual jeans, I always just put my phone in my pocket. For that instance, a holster would look lame..
    11-24-11 03:44 PM
  2. sam_b77's Avatar
    Well if the Bold 9900 sticks out in your trouser pockets, then your trousers are too tight, no matter how fit you are.
    11-24-11 04:06 PM
  3. Clinto's Avatar
    Well if the Bold 9900 sticks out in your trouser pockets, then your trousers are too tight, no matter how fit you are.
    Nahh. Buddy.. They fit just right..The new style of slacks are made of very thin wool and simply show everything in your pocket..I'd never wear pants that are too tight especially with some of the commercial accounts that I have for my career. It just wouldn't be professional. But with the weight of the phone combined with it's depth, it does "protrude".. Hence the leather holster..
    11-24-11 04:45 PM
  4. dodger_moore's Avatar
    I HAVE fallen in a pool and almost got wet, fortunately the pool was draining, and I landed in the shallow end that had no water, and missed getting wet.

    If I didn't wear shirts with pockets on the chest, I probably would think about a belt clip, but I just find they look so dumb, and bump into things
    A beer that is empty is just a glass, and by that logic you feel into a hole

    My BB lays on its back whilst I work from home, stays in my hand if I'm walking somewhere and finally goes in the pocket if I'm in a pub.

    I can see that a holster would be useful if you had small children to manage.
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    11-24-11 06:07 PM
  5. kevinnugent's Avatar
    Yeah, dumb topic title, but it is as the topic says. Given I don't work in management at Walt Disney World, I just realized after getting my Blackberry Torch 9810 that if I have it on my belt in a holster I might get confused for management.

    Has anyone had similar issues occur to them ever since acquiring their Blackberry for personal use?
    A Torch on a holster? You're a tech.
    11-24-11 06:09 PM
  6. southlander's Avatar
    Leather belt pouch for mine.

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    11-24-11 07:20 PM
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