1. Dulyman's Avatar
    Hey everyone, I need help as i'm getting conflicting info on what my bb9700 will cost me in data.

    I love youtube and generally download a bit so i have a data bundle on my current contract.

    My service provider tells me i wont need that data with the internet service.

    Can i get streaming video and audio for free on the bbis? or will they charge me?

    Will i be charged for GPS?

    Is it true that i can browse internet for free using my bb as a modem for my laptop?

    Any advice would be great, thanking you in advance
    07-08-10 09:27 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    It really depends on your carrier. You have the normal cell phone charges - minutes/whatever.

    But the carriers sometimes offer different data packages for the BB's. Verizon for instance has a $29/month and includes UNlimited data which can be used for youtube, gps, email (not texting - that's separate), browsing in general.

    The 9700 is not Verizon from what I think I know about the numbers. I believe AT&T is similar to verizon altho, I think I read recently that they are changing from UNlimited to some other factor.

    Tethering is separate. Many charge a separate feel for using it as a modem with laptop/computer/etc. There are programs that can bypass the charges but that may be a violation of your terms of service. Many do it anyway but you risk getting caught and charged.

    I think I've read Canadian Carriers are different in their plans and data packages.
    07-08-10 10:55 PM
  3. Dulyman's Avatar
    great answer, i never thought about the legality of cutting costs, thanks for the advice.
    07-10-10 05:24 PM