1. Matan_H's Avatar
    If from some reason i put my blackberry SIM (with BIS) on other device and use it for a week or so, and i dont want to get all the mails/facebook messeges i missed during this time to my blackberry the moment i put back my SIM card on the blackberry. Is there an option to do that from the device? or i must call my carrier and tell them to "freeze" my blackberry plan?
    05-13-10 06:00 AM
  2. coolguy78240's Avatar
    Im not sure i understand, but i think what you are saying is that if you put your sim into a device other than a berry will you get emails. I would say as long as the email address is not linked with the device you are using then no. The sim is linked to the account not the device. If you put your sim into a non berry device it will work. And not use bis. I think .
    05-13-10 08:22 AM
  3. Matan_H's Avatar
    No its not what i mean. ill try to make it more clear...
    Lets say im going to vacation for a week and i dont want to take my BB from some reason ok?
    So i take the sim card from the BB and put him in another device, for example iphone and use it during the week for phone/sms (not BIS of course). After that im backing to my BB, and at the moment i put back the sim on the BB, ill get all the mails i missed this week at once right? and i dont want this to happen.
    So what im asking is if i have an option to "freeze"/disable the data service from the BB so i wont get mails/notifications (only phone/sms/internet) instead of calling to my carrier and ask them to do that.
    05-13-10 08:42 AM
  4. J_5's Avatar
    When you put the SIM back in, it going to check for mail it hasn't received. Only way around that would be to remove your email account from BIS and then just add it back when you put your SIM back in your BB.
    Your carried may be able to put your BB data plan on hold, but I'm not sure if it would still try and pull your email in onces it's back.

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    05-13-10 09:26 AM
  5. Matan_H's Avatar
    its not, i did it before and it just reactivate my plan. but what im looking for is option to do that from the blackberry
    05-13-10 09:33 AM