1. scoobiedoo's Avatar

    my name is Linz, im a newbie here!

    Ive had the BB Bold for a couple months now and its unlocked on an O2 'Pay and Go' sim. Im thinking about getting a BB data plan but have no idea about the cost or specs. At the moment 'pay as you go' is costing me around 10 a month as I get 500 free texts. Ive read a little on ''O2 Bolt On's'' but again Im not sure how much its going to cost me and what I actually get. I dont really want to spend more than 20 a month, is this possible? I only really want the data plan for internet, email and messenger.

    Is it worth me ringing O2 up? Thanks to anyone who has any info to help me make a decision!

    01-02-10 06:07 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    I am sure some of our UK members will be along to confirm, but in general, the cost of adding BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS/Bolt On) will be slightly higher then the cost of data alone.

    When it is active, you will have your own personal account with Research in Motion, that should cost less then 2, if comparable with Canadian and American rates.

    You will quickly realize there is a huge benifit to having a full plan. BlackBerry Messenger alone will open a new World of connections.

    Third party software will work correctly, including BlackBerry App World.
    01-02-10 10:41 AM
  3. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    And I believe others have reported that only Orange allows BlackBerry Data Plans on Pay and Go. O2 does not.
    01-02-10 01:19 PM
  4. bluz's Avatar
    it's always better to get a BB plan,if you want use the full functionality of the BB.
    01-03-10 01:56 AM
  5. scoobiedoo's Avatar
    Well I looked into Orange plans and I have to say O2 need to up their game! To get a BlackBerry Data Plan with O2 you also need to have a Contract with O2 and the cheapest price they could offer me was 25 a month.

    I went onto the Orange Website, ordered a SimCard that suited me best for 0.97p and looked into a BlackBerry plan. They offer a full unlimited Blackberry plan for just 5 a month! Amazing!
    01-05-10 07:37 AM
  6. Becky_x's Avatar
    The O2 Simplicity sim is I think 20 a month, you get 1200 texts and a BlackBerry bolt on too!
    01-05-10 09:38 AM