1. harshsparikh94's Avatar
    I have an unlocked Blackberry Storm 2 9550(previously on Verizon) now I am in India on Vodafone India network I am not able to get EDGE so I ament able to use Internet service provided by Blackberry.To be truth it was working at the start but its not working at all now.HELP ME!!!!!
    09-11-11 08:50 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    you probably need the correct service books from Vodafone sent to the phone. have you spoken to your carrier?
    09-11-11 04:32 PM
  3. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    I agree with howarmat. when you use services on your Blackberry you need to have a Blackberry data plan set on your phone number / carrier account - and you need to have the right service book installed on your Blackberry device so it can all work together perfectly.

    So, call your carrier and ask them to send you a service book update.
    09-11-11 06:46 PM