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    Hi guys, I had problems with my generic USB Bluetooth dongle which used that BlueSoleil garbage and was trying to find something which worked in Vista 64 bit (most likely works in XP sp2 and Vista 32 bit) for syncing my blackberry.

    I searched online and found only a few posts about working bluetooth dongles, and thought I would let everyone know about this one I bought today.

    I bought the D-Link DBT-122 bluetooth dongle in Canada for about $40. I uninstalled all of my previous bluetooth software and drivers, and then plugged in the D-Link one without using the included install CD. By not using the install CD windows was able to locate drivers from microsoft which worked (its important that the dongle use the microsoft bluetooth stack in order for the Blacberry Device manager to enable the Bluetooth option.

    As soon as it installed drivers I closed the Blackberry Device Manager and opened it again, voila Bleutooth support!

    Everything after is the same as if you were using USB (except no media management and app installing).

    The downside to the microsoft bluetooth stack is it doesn't support some of the other bluetooth profiles, such as streaming audio.

    Any questions please just ask!
    05-22-08 12:04 AM