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    This is kind of a two part, but I think the main issue will solve a problem i'm having. I'm not sure how to explain it so i'll just give you the situation......

    I have a Torch, a Plantronics Voyager Pro headset, and a Satechi B4 FM Transmitter. The Voyager Pro is (obviously) for communication. The B4 is strictly for music. However, the B4 DOES have the handsfree profile as well. Is there a way to disable it phone-side? So even if the FM transmitter is the only device connected it will not use the handsfree profile?

    My second question is if anyone knows of a Bluetooth media remote for the blackberry. I've tried every combination in google i can think of and all i keep getting is using the blackberry AS a remote, not vice versa......

    12-16-10 12:56 PM