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    I've had a lot of questions answered in this forum (thanks all) and now I've decided to use my first post to pose a question that's been bothering me. Here's the scenario (I apologize in advance if it's not specific enough - or even if it's too long):

    I have recently fed my new gadget/tech addiction with a Bold 9900. I'm upgrading from a Bold 9780. If my memory is correct, the Blackberry 9780 OS allowed for the customization of ringtones WHILE keeping the default alerts/sounds (ie. e-mail, text messages) of the Active Profile. This is a function I'd like to keep if possible.

    I restored my data from my old 9780 to my new 9900 and everything seemed fine until I started playing around with the custom settings. Once I made a change, the 'Notifier Tone - Active Profile' setting would disappear - never to be seen again. The choice of "Active Profile' is no longer available/an option once I make a change and I would be stuck with an alert (like Sanguine) for all my incoming e-mail, texts etc. Previously; phone calls from friends would ring with their respective ringtones while e-mails and texts would keep their Active Profile sounds. This doesn't seem possible with the 9900. I've noticed this on the original stock OS version and it's still the case with the recently leaked (v.7.1.074) version.

    I've tried to restore the same data and settings from my 9780 and the 'Notifier Tone - Active Profile' setting disappeared and a default tone (Sanguine/Eager) took it's place. I don't think I'm going crazy.....then again.....?

    Bottom Line - I'd like my custom ringtones for my contacts while keeping the Notifier Tones (e-mail, texts, etc.) to remain the same as the Active Profile (ie. Normal Profile). is this possible? Or do I wait for an updated OS version? Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
    11-28-11 09:34 PM
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    Most of what you're looking for has just been re"tabbed" for easy of use. If you tap the "speaker" icon to open its window, you'll see at the bottom "change sounds and alerts". Tap that, and you'll find most of the previous features you're used to seeing. Open this link in your devices browser, to download and restore the old factory ring tones here: http://mobile.blackberry.com/resourc...0x360_03_b.jad
    Hope this helps
    11-29-11 07:45 AM