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    Greetings to all,

    I just found this company called Infused at: infuseyourcase.com prices are pretty reasonable less than $25.00 for a custom two pc Polycarbonate case with the image of your choice printed on it so it’s not a skin. The image upload application was fairly easy to use and the case I ordered for my Bold looks pretty robust … I will know when I get it in a week or so.

    With this application you can make an inexpensive plain white case look like it was made from carbon fiber or steel…. I would attach a pic but I am new to posting on this site and can’t officially attach a pic until I’ve done my time.

    In any event while I am waiting for my case I would like to hear from others about any other printed case companies… Has anyone here tried printing an image on their case before? Does it last or does it fade? Are the cases good /bad or different in any way?

    Thanks for any input...I will follow up when I actually get my case... or sooner if anyone responds to this thread.

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    12-11-11 09:03 PM
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    I'm making a custom case mate with a blackberry logo at the back and a printed decal. That's as far as I can go. Case mate here are dirt cheap (2$) and are perfect for cheap date like me
    12-11-11 09:54 PM
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    Re: Custom printed BlackBerry cases

    I had a sticker on one of my cases before it peeled off, this time I am looking for a high quality solid case for my phone, I want it to look good.I will let you know when I get it.

    Also the image (in this case) is able to wrap all the way around the sides..which would be pretty cool to see..
    12-12-11 05:11 PM